Nipping at the heels of Roomommy (a reveal)!

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  1. So I said I was going to be disciplined and not buy anything this year...And that I had enough bags, shoes, clothes to outfit 100 women a day...And that quitting smoking was easier than not buying any more purses... and blah, blah blah...

    The only truth to what I said is that quitting smoking IS alot easier than buying purses!

    Following in Roommomy's footsteps, may I introduce you to my latest addition.

    Ms. Sapphire!

  2. And since there are not enough modeling pics of the sapphire cecilia:

  3. And to follow in Roomommy's footsteps even more, modeling pics of the papaya cecila...

  4. I did purchase 2 more items, but I am still waiting for one. I will do another reveal when I receive it. :smile:

    Thanks for letting me indulge my guilty pleasures with all of you!!
  5. LOVE the Sapphire Cecilia, congrats tigertrixie!!!
    You wear them well :biggrin:

    Can't wait for the reveal!!!
  6. OMG where are these gorgeous Cecilias coming from??? I am seriously drooling over that Sapphire, its amazing!

    OK, I said I was content, and I am, but my next purchase will be a cecilia, these pics have pushed me over the edge!
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again (until I have one of my own, lol!), the sapphire Cecilia is one of the most gorgeous bags MJ has put out IMHO. I LOVE that color and it looks amazing on you! Congrats on your double Cecilia loveliness!!
  8. That color is amazing! Is that the large Cecilia? I always thought they were a lot smaller. That bag is perfect!
  9. #9 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    LOVE IT! That Sapphire always makes me drool. Where are all these gorgeous Sapphires coming from? Share the secret with me! :P

    Congrats on both Cecilias, they are BEAUTIFUL!

    ETA: So how about a Cecilia family shot?
  10. [FONT=tahoma,sans-serif]Wowwww all the Cecilias! I'm dying here! :faint: They're both gorgeous, and I always LOVE your modeling pics tiger! You are one classy lady! I can't wait to see your 3rd new addition. :yahoo:

  11. Ro, the sapphire is the large - the papaya is the small.
  12. #12 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    This was listed on the 'bay - funny that several popped up at the same time...
    I only have the sapphire, papaya, black and purple. I got rid of the grey one. I will take a stairway shot of the cecilia's some other time. I'm too tired right now...I'll keep a lookout for you, XI..

  13. Thanks, Black. I posted modeling pics of the papaya because it is my favorite of all my cecilias. I am waiting on my last item, then I will do a reveal of the last two purchases I have made. The recession has now caught up with me!
  14. Thanks Izznit, Needanotherbag and Pursemonkey! Your compliments are appreciated...
  15. I don't think I can handle two Sapphire anything in a week, ladies. My little heart cannot take it!