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  1. Does anyone watch this show..i got hooked last season and have not missed an episode since...:love: the season finale is tuesday and im soo excited...the identity of the carver will finally be revealed! i personally think its quinton...what do you guys think??
  2. i have watched this show since day one, i'm so excited about the season finale!! i have no idea who the carver is, though. but i love nip/tuck, it's the most exciting, shocking and addictive show on tv.
  3. I absolutely love nip/tuck! I just got into it this season and i have yet to view the previous one. I will very soon. I think Quinton is the carver too.
  4. quinton=quentin?
  5. Amazing show, I love it - so realistic and provocative. I sometimes miss an episode so I can't comment on the carver.
  6. Just so you all know the finale is 2 hours, just in case you're planning to record it.
  7. Ahhh, the beauty of Tivo! LOL It'll automatically know to do that for me. :smile: I didn't know it was the season finale though....:cry: I love this show!!

    I want to say Quentin too...but that seems almost too obvious...:suspiciou
  8. yeah, and that's the great thing about thos show, you never know what's coming!
  9. that finale left me speechless...:amazed:
  10. I could not sit still on my couch the whole episode!! YIKES!!:huh:
  11. I KNOW! i cant go to sleep im afraid ill have a nightmare about it LOL
  12. did u ever catch whats wrong with julia and sean's baby?
  13. Nope....but I am ambivalent as to how Julia handled the mortgage with Sean once she knew something was wrong...

    And I never knew she had an accent in real life!!! :amazed:
  14. The conclusion kind of reminds me of Scream where there were 2 carvers, killers, out there. It just shocked me that Quentin and Kit are brother and sister.
  15. OH MY GOD, the episode was soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!I feel sorry for Christian and Sean, since Kimber dumped Christian, and Julia isn't telling Sean what's wrong with the baby, plus, what the hell is the teenage son gonna do now, that he is involved with a murder!!!!!!Oooohhhh, I can't wait for the next season of this show!!!!!