Nip Tuck & Joan Van Ark

  1. Last night I saw the episode with Joan Van Ark - a member of a first wives club type of group needing lots of plastic surgery ... What a hoot !

    At least she has a sense of sense of humor about all the work she has had done - nose sculpturing, no eyebrows left - painted on, could not see lips under massive quantities of gloss - probably intended to hide things ... well, you have to see her... :cursing::confused1::s:crybaby:

    Donna Mills was also on and got a Jocelyne Wildenstein feline look and actually looked better than Joan ! That part was funny because at least it was ALL makeup , not he real thing :tup:
  2. I'm sorry I missed it!
  3. I didn't see it but I have seen lots of photos of JVA and it looks like she really has some pretty botched plastic surgery.
  4. I just watched the episode today. I thought it was great! When Dr. Troy was "with" JVA it was cracking me up!