Nintendogs thread!!!

  1. Okay, so I feel a bit puppy-less when I look at this thread:shame:, and being in the city it's impossible for me to own a dog right now (especially since I want a bigger dog), so I decided to start a Nintendogs thread:idea:....I hope there are ppl with nintendogs here, lol!:wlae:

    My dogs so far:
    Petey: German Shepherd (had him for 3 weeks)--Agility champion, yet often gets commands confused for obedience training
    Tasha: Sheltie (1 week)--seems to learn faster than Petey, great puppy! Finds less garbage on walks too, lol!

    I had some questions....Tasha is my second dog yet she's really good when I walk her and everything. Petey always stops every few seconds to sit and scratch himself when I walk him. Does anyone know why?

    Also, I thought after having 2 dogs, I'd be able to walk them together (realistically) but I have to walk them separately and it's taking forever because their stamina is kinda high!
  2. I feel the same way. I live in an apartment so of course no dogs! I have the game but I haven't played it in such a long time. My puppy is so neglected! :sad:

    I have a black daschund named "Blackie".
  3. I have Dachshund and Friends for my DS, but I've only played it once or twice as I was not really able to "get into" it. Maybe the fact that I have two real live dachshunds as pets makes me think, "Why bother?" It will be interesting to see responses in this thread. Maybe I will get some inspiration to play.