Tech Nintendo Wii Protective Sleeve?

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  1. I am going to be traveling for training for my new job in the upcoming month. I want to bring my Nintendo Wii because I use it as my daily workout with the EA Sports Active game. I'm trying to find a protective sleeve so I can carry it on the plane, but everything I found is a separate carrying bag for the Wii. Due to carry-on regulations I want to be able to bring my Wii on the plane along with my work laptop in the same bag.

    If you guys could help me find one, or if you already have one, please let me know!
  2. I haven't actually used any carrying cases for the Wii (I sold mine after a year and I never really took it anywhere with me), but I looked online and I found a couple options.

    Metal suitcase: - Nintendo Wii Pro Gamer's Aluminum Carrying Case by Intec (Nintendo Wii)


    Messenger bag carrying case: Wii Carry Bag: Nintendo Wii: Video Games

    There are a lot of options on Amazon, but by the sound of your post, I think the third one should be a good fit!
  3. Well I already have a laptop bag, I just want to slide my Wii into the laptop bag. I'd love something that just zips around the Wii for a bit of protection while traveling, but isn't bulky.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far...
  4. oh that's cool ;)
  5. I know it may not be stylish but have you ever considered a backpack? The Wii can easily fit inside a backpack and lot of laptop backpacks should have plenty of room for a Wii.