Nintendo Wii--newest and greatest workout trainer

  1. Folks, something incredible happened this weekend. I discovered the fruits of owning a Nintendo Wii. First of all, for those of you who don't know what it is, it's the latest Nintendo gaming sensation, where the games are interactive. As you play the games, you actually act out the moves of your player. For example, there is Wii sports where the options are tennis, boxing, golf, bowling, and baseball. And let's say you play tennis. You actually act out the moves as if you're really playing tennis. It's not completely the same because you're not running around after the ball. But you move quite a bit and you perform the upper body moves like the swings and backhands. Plus I found myself in the receiving position a lot of the time, rocking back and forth like you would if you were actually playing. Let me tell you, a day later, I was incredibly sore. My upper body: arms; back; my abs, and my hips were all tense and sore. And that's just tennis. The boxing game requires a lot of endurance.

    Based on my findings this weekend, I am going to conduct a test. If I play Wii everyday for 30 mins to an hour (have to decide how long) and eat sensibly, how much weight will I lose in 30 days????? I can see the headlines now: Nintendo launches worldwide marketing campaign targeting women ages 18 and above: Nintendo Wii increases chances of weight loss in women by 50%!!!!! :yahoo::roflmfao:

    Not to mention the benefits of playing with your DH or SO. You can also host Wii parties. It's a ton of fun. I highly recommend that folks go out and get one.
  2. I really want one!!!
  3. haha That sounds like alot of fun actually!
  4. I got tennis elbow after playing the wii for 2 hours straight >< its great!,im happy that I conviced my brother not to get an ipod for christmas!
  5. Me thinks the bf's gonna be hearing about how much his gf wants a new toy ;)
  6. I have had sore shoulders from playing Wii too long too. I got Wario Ware: Smooth Moves which requires you to do squats. My quads were really burning the next morning.
  7. Oh darnit! I was hoping my idea would be the first! LOL!!!! I'm actually glad though that there is evidence out there that playing does in fact work in losing weight. Losing 10 pounds would be great!
  8. I have to admit, my DH got this for our son for Christmas and it really is a workout! We have invited friends over and had little bowling parties and it is amazing how you see people actually getting exhausted playing the games! Finally, a game system that gets our kids off of their butts to be active. Also, a way for us to spend family time together and ALL be a little more active! I think Nintendo has really done something this time!
  9. Keep us posted, sounds like a fun way to get some excercise. Isn't it hard to get a Wii right now?
  10. Yeah you are totally right :smile: we're really enjoying our Wii here :biggrin:!
  11. okay!!! you did it!!!

    I got the Wii today...and beleive's very hard to was sold out I went on craigslist...and bought one for $ came with and xtra control and a couple of games...brand new...with the original receipt...thats the price I had to pay because I wanted a Wii NOW!!!

    now I'm off to my Wii workout!!!
  12. Awesome! I think I will try too. And the guy that documented it ate the same. So if you eat better, maybe you'll loose more?
  13. okay...this makes me want to actually open the wii i have sitting in my closet...
  14. what an enjoyable way to exercise!