Nintendo Wii (In stock!)

  1. Not sure if anybody wants to buy the Nintendo Wii, but I'm buying it for my brother. It's sold out in most places except JCPenney so grab it fast? I guess. I play video games too. :shame:
  2. THANK YOU! :yes:
  3. I am playing now!!
  4. Thanks trustful88!! I just bought one, though it won't be delivered for 2 weeks. I went back and they're all SOLD OUT!!! Whew..made it just in time!! :yahoo:
  5. awww im too late.
  6. is this console really worth the money?
  7. My son wanted one so badly. He stood in line at Game Stop starting at 4 a.m. Friday. He was third in line and the manager came out at 7 a.m. to say they had ONE!

    Today, he went to Best Buy at 7 a.m. and got in line. He was no. 12 and he got one. He paid for it himself with birthday money, etc. He's really enjoying it. He's been playing the bowling game today.
  8. I think it's a great system. Definitely full of fun and entertainment!
  9. It's definitely worth it! I normally don't play video games, but I could'nt stop playing the sports game on my bf's Wii!! It's very interactive and creative! If you have kids, it's a great bonding experience you'll have playing with them as well.
  10. I have one. I waited in line from 5 am til 10am the day they were taking preorders at ebgames. I think it's totally worth it. I'm not a big game person so I only bought it to sell it but my bf is keeping his so we played it. It's so much fun and I plan on getting one for my brother when they release more.
  11. I just played with my friend this past weekend. OMG it is SO FUN! But JCPenny is sold out.. man I wanted one for myslf. :crybaby:
  12. Argh!! Thought I ordered it just in time, but JCPenney called yesterday evening and left a message saying that they're cancelling my order b/c they oversold the units!! Luckily my bf already has one, and this second one was intended as a xmas present for his he's going to have to break this news to his nephew. :sad: