Nintendo Wii game suggestions for a guy in late 20s?

  1. I know nothing about these games but want to get one (or two) for a friend. I have looked at the best seller lists on Target and Amazon but I have no idea which ones are appropriate for what age. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for your help. And happy thanksgiving!
  2. This website is helpful--

    The first couple of games are definitely games guys would enjoy. Anything that's either classic and/or has fighting involved, will be probably be a big hit (Mario, Zelda, Metroid Prime, etc).
  3. Well what age are you looking for? Teen?? Resident Evil 4 Any age??? Mario Galaxy MERCURY MELTDOWN REVOLUTION is awesome too!
  4. we like the Harry Potter one and the driving one...
  5. Guitar Hero III, Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Zelda........PS Mario Galaxy at Circut City tomorrow (erm, Friday) for $35.
  6. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is an absolute MUST HAVE... I love playing games, sometimes I think i'm a man in disguise of a woman... but then the bag addiction kicks in and and yeah...

    I play so many games, ask him to name some of his favourite games, PM me and i'll recommend some based on that. Seriously, I stay up till 5am playing games.
  7. oh yeah..I forgot ZELDA.....thats the fave one in my house
  8. I thought I should add: games are a big, broad world, just like movies. If someone was an action movie fan and you bought them a romance movie, they wouldn't really know what to do with it would they? Same for me, i'm an "RPG (role playing game)" fan, so Zelda and Final Fantasy are for me, but if you bought me Mario or something, I wouldn't really appreciate it because I just wouldn't want to play it. I really do suggest asking him for titles of games he has liked previously, and then either asking someone who knows about games to recommend them to you, or go to, type in the game title, if you read the review they have recommended titles on the right side.
  9. thanks so much for all the suggestions. i am not sure what he likes as he just ordered the system. i know he has mentioned wanting to play sports on it (specifically tennis) and guitar hero. i am not sure what that means. i know i could probably get him another sports game but all the other ones you all have listed look interesting...

    i could always order something like zelda and he can exchange it if it doesn't work.
  10. Wii Sports comes with the system and includes tennis, bowling, baseball, golf and boxing. Wii Play includes billiards, duck hunting, table tennis, tanks, and a bunch of smaller games. I have Wii Play but haven't tried it out yet, I've heard mixed reviews on it.

    Does he have any other gaming systems that you could get clues from?
  11. I agree, did he ever have other consoles that you could ask him about his favourite games? I still think Zelda is a given if he's played games before, it might be a bit scary for people who have never played games in the past, but for people who have it's one of those classics that everyone would probably like and with the wii now it's really easy to play, you just slash the controller for the sword and stuff :yes:.
  12. My boyfriend just got Mario Galaxy and he loves it!
  13. Mario Galaxy is great and so is Rayman it's a ton of fun and you don't have to commit to playing a huge long game you can pick it up and put it down easy. Guitar Hero is the best game on earth!!
  14. GUITAR HERO!! It is amazing! I love it :biggrin:

    Metroid Prime 3 maybe, and Zelda. Can't go wrong with Guitar Hero though. Everyone loves it. :tup:
  15. Thank you again for all the suggestions. It helped a ton as I am clueless about video games. Anyway, since he is already getting Guitar Hero, I decided to go with Zelda. I am sending it with a gift receipt so he can always exchange it if it doesn't work. I think I may get him Mario Galaxy next time.