Nintendo games??

  1. Bf just bought me a nintendo ds lite and i've been hooked on mario all day. It's making my thumb and fingers numb!!! I was down with a stomach flu and initially i thought it was because i played with it the whole day and is having withdrawal symptoms. :p Lols. It is so fun, i'm up to world 3, where the ghost are and can't seem to find a way out. anyone is a fan?? I've bought a lot of games at one go and my 2nd favourite is the mario kart. I'm driving as Peach, she is so cute and girlish which makes it so fun.

    I'm 21 this year and feels like a kid playing with it again. Do you think its appropriate for older ppl to numb their fingers away on the nintendo ds??? =)
  2. I have a DS lite and a PSP and I love them! I definately don't find playing them inappropriate even though I'm 19, lol.
  3. i have a pink one and I'm 22. I love Pirates of the Carribbean DS version. Also, when I get around to it I want the princess peach game. I hope you had fun and enjoy it. I use it when I travel and when I'm bored at work. They can be so addicting.
  4. Lols, they are def addictive, i've been doin nothing for 2 days since it's our study break this week. I feel like such a bummer!! Lols dmitchelle15 you SHOULD buy it, it's so addictive and fun to play with!!
  5. I'm so tempted to buy one, but I know that if I did I'd be hooked! I probably spend enough time at my PC as it is, so I'm going to have to pass but I can see why you love it. I think you're never too old for stuff like that.
  6. Oh gosh...I am sucha game zombie.....

    I have 2 Gameboy Advances, 1 Gameboy SP, 1 regular DS, 1 DS Lite, a PSP, and a Gamecube.........besides fashion, gaming is my second hobby :biggrin:
  7. if you love mario yoshi is good too.
    iv seen an advert for a new game but i dont know what its called, you have to solve a crime and talk to the characters and things, it looks a little bit manga ish but good.
  8. I have a DS and I love it! I'm also 21 :smile:

    I have Mario and I also have Nintendogs. I haven't played recently since I have been home and busy with school, but I will start again tomorrow actually since I've got 3 hours of train rides of ahead of me each day! Yikes!
  9. LOL Our (Exceptionally Intelligent and Advanced) godson has a couple of those things, and is both highly amused and bewildered at the immensity of just how much I suck at it.

    The only thing I am good at is getting blown up. In that area, I believe I may be some sort of unrecognized world champion.
  10. Yes! It's perfectly fine to have a nintendo DS! :biggrin:

    Get the brain academy actually improves your reflexes, thinking processes, and IQ points as you "train" your brain a few minutes a day with fun mini-games. So I see the DS as a tool to make me smarter! <----great excuse
  11. Lol my friends never believe me when I tell them I play video games the girliest pink-loving, shopping + bag obsessed girls ...but I do love my DS and xbox 360! Gaming rules, have fun:smile:!
  12. LOL crack me up!

    I LOVE video games. I wish I had more time to play. Hubby wouldn't let me get any new system because our Nintendo Cube just sits and gathers dust. :sad: I love to play Zelda. But Mario Bros are SO fun too!

    Nothing wrong with it at all.
  13. My DH always fights with the boys over it...You should try Brainage!
  14. My dog, Crunchie almost died because i was playing mario all day!!!! Lols, that is not good.

    I'm looking to buy the new sony psp in pink but seems like psp is for heavy gamers instead. Bf said if we wanna play cartoonish, cute games, we should stick to nintendo. Or maybe buy nintendo wii. Any thoughts?? Just so u know, i'm not into basketball or soccer games though i watch it on tv. =)
  15. That's a good one :graucho: thanks! I will play more often to train my brain and mind. Hehe. Looking forward to a 'smarter' us.