Nintendo DS

  1. I did a search and I didn't see any threads...
    So who has a Nintendo DS!
    I admit I'm a little bit of a video game nerd, which seems to surprise everyone because I don't seem the type.
    Anyway, I'm looking to get more games so if there is any you do, or don't recommend post them here.

    I have:

    super monkey ball-It's fun but I hate how on the racing mini game you cant use controls you have to use the stylus, and I find it really hard to get used to. I also don't like that they don't have the monkey target game that I used to play for hours on end. But the main game is fun if you like monkey ball.

    nintendo DS browser-Not a game but it lets you use your DS to get on the internet with a wifi connection. It's a little slow, no video support, but it is an okay substitute if you want to browse the internet and don't have your computer. Personally I find it easier to use than a regular cellphone for the internet.

    Pirates of the Caribbean- at worlds end- It seems fun, but I haven't gotten far as I got stuck already....

    Horsez- fun if you are a horse person and into riding games.

    New super mario bros- It's basically modernized super mario.

    Mario kart DS- It's mario kart, of course it's awesome. But once you have unlocked all of the courses it gets boring to play without other people.

    Age of empires-age of kings- If you like the PC game you will probably like this one. It took a little getting used to but the concept is the same. 2 things I don't like about it compared to the PC game is it's really battle focused and doesn't let you do that much building your empire. In the PC game sometimes I would just sit there for hours and build stuff and never battle. Also you can't do cool stuff like fishing, hunting, etc. I still play it alot though.
  2. I remember Age of Empires!!! I played that for so long back in 1999-2000 I think. I got the pink Nintendo DS for my daughter and I picked the games, lol. I am so gonna use it, I cant wait for Christmas so I can have fun plating Super Mario Bros and more!!!
  3. I do Brain Age 1&2 and Cooking Mama.
  4. I have a Nintendo DS! Haven't played it in a while since work has taken over my life, but I love mine. I have Brain Age, Mario Kart DS, Tetris, and Need for Speed Carbon. My favorites are Brain Age, Mario Kart (to play with my brother, lol), and Tetris (it's a classic). Not so much a fan of Need for Speed.
  5. Super Princess Peach is the cutest game EVER, I love it, it's a lot like the original Mario style games and princess peach has different 'moods' like fire, and she stomps around, or happy and she floats around like the's adorable.

    And of course yoshi's island DS!
  6. there is a thread about this before =) but anyway i love nintendo ds and wii!
  7. Yes, there's a few threads about the DS ... I have been obsessed with the game Cake Mania for months ... I have been unable to "win" it, I've got three levels to go but I just can't do it!
  8. Why are there so many DS threads? Why not just comment in one of the ones that already exist?
  9. I have a pink DS. I have Cake mania, Pirates of the Caribbean both I & II, finding nemo, arcade games and others.
  10. i have a ds. i've been playing mario party recently. i also play tetris, big brain, planet puzzle league, sim city, mario vs donkey kong, and princess peach. i don't play very often at all though. when i do, it's mostly multiplayer w/ my bf.
  11. I have a red one with a transformers cover which makes it heavy but it has a drawer that I like to keep some games.

    I think I am past the gaming age as I can't get into any of the role playing ones. They confuse me and don't know how to play them. Same for the WII.

    DS I have tetris which I like
    the namco games (pacman, frogger, galaxian) which bring me back to when I had my galaxian console, old school.
    final fantasy (destination) anyways I don't remember, I don't understand it.
    brain age 2- I like it but it frustrates me because I only want to play suduko and have to do the test every time to get to suduko
    super mario bros- its okay don't really use it.
    I have 2 others obviously I don't use them because I can't even remember their names.

    Is transformers and some of the car games any good? what about the dog game.

    I like the suduoko game so i'd be into more puzzle games for plane rides.
  12. i actually really want a wii :smile: I hear they're quite hard to get your hands on though.
  13. i tried playing both transformers and nintendogs and neither interested me much.

    if you like tetris, try planet puzzle league. i was HOOKED on that game for awhile.
  14. Brain Academy is really fun to play (and then challenge your friends/family to beat your score on)'s similar to brain age

    Any of the Harvest Moon editions are really fun too
  15. I have a pink DS i dont play it very often but i do keep it close by. I only have a few games. like Super Mario, Warrior and Brainage