Nintendo DS or PSP? I can't decide!

  1. I know this is probably a long shot, but I was wondering if any of you ladies play video games. They're my guilty pleasure. Since I've been spending all my play money on bags and shoes I can't afford to upgrade to a PS3. Instead I was thinking about buying a portable system that I can take with me places.

    So which do you like better: PSP or Nintendo DS?
  2. I have the DS and I LOVE it! My bf has the PSP and it's also quite fun. I think the DS has a lot more "cuter" games. I don't play often but it's good on the plane and stuff! Plus I really love my Mario games!
  3. erm....DS(I have both the DS and the DS lite) is soooo much fun(one word: Mario). My geeky guy pals love the DS(we have DS fridays at work). We all bought PSP when they first came out then either returned them or sold them. I guess my reason for returning the PSP...I don't need the extra functions and is it so delicate. Heck I can't count the amount of times I have dropped the DS. And it still works like I just bought it yesterday. is a really big help with tough decisions like these.
  4. I think it depends on the type of games that you like. I have a DS Lite, because on a portable system I prefer games that are fun and easy (any of the mario games). With the PSP you are going to get more challenging and mature games like you would for the PS2 or PS3. It's also nice that the DS is backwards compatible to the old nintendo hand-held systems. Did you see that the 80g PS3 is coming out?
  5. Totally DS Lite!!! I'm always a Nintendo fan. I think the games are more fun...and more mindless....exactly what I'm looking for when I play video game.

    PSP if you care more about graphics...
  6. I have both, and if you want something to play and have fun with, I'd suggest the DS.

    I use my DS a lot and I have bought lots of games for it lately, I guess the only cach is that the games are pretty easy played in general, so it don't take too long to finish a game (though, many of them are so fun that I've replayed them :p). Then again, there are games for the DS that I think is markedet more towards older people such as ace wright (which is not my personal cup of tea) etc. And not to mention that they're releasing a Zelda game for it later this year :biggrin: Otherwise, my DS is sturdy and it has been with me many places and I've lost both mine and my friends' DS in the grounds before without them being injured in any way.

    I got the PSP mainly because of the two GTA games that were released for it (which are also available on PS2 now) and then to use as a media player (I bought a 2 GB memory card for it) as I'm too lazy to lug around my laptop that I have to take it in and out of my purse all the time, so therefore I thought it was a good idea to get a cute, pink PSP (that also takes less space than a laptop, lol). I still haven't gotten around to upload movies to it, but based from what I've seen while gaming, the quality isn't really that bad. I have to admit, I think the music sounds a bit low even while played at the highest volume - at least I didn't hear much when I used it on the train, so that might be a good idea. Though, I'm on my second PSP now because my first one died inexpectedly (aparently, it was a factory defect, but still), so I don't feel safe "abusing" it the same way that I do with my DS out of fear that the PSP I have now also will break. Otherwise, if you decide to go for the PSP, I'd suggest waiting until the new version hits the stores.

    so basically, to clear my head, I made my own little list of pros and cons with both based on my own experiences and priorities - I hope that's all right

    DS (lite)
    +Lots of entertaining games
    +Cheap (at least compared to the PSP)
    +Sturdy - they're designed for children to use :smile:
    +ZELDA:the phantom hourglass!!!!!!
    +The screens and the fact that one of them is a touch screen!
    -Games can be a bit too "easy"
    -I don't know about the other ones, but I have the black ones, and it get stained with fingerprints all the time, which is pretty disgusting

    +The GTA games
    +It's possible to use it to watch movies and listen to music (and view photos)
    +It looks pretty darn cool with the widescreen
    -It's pretty pricey
    -it feels a bit voulnerable compared to the DS (as said, I've had to have one replaced already - and that was after owning it for about nine or ten days)
  7. I have a DS Lite, and I love it. It's great on planes and when I have long waits.

    It really depends on what type of games you like. If you're into super realistic graphics, RPGs and being able to watch movies on your system go with the PSP.

    If you like Nintendo-like games that aren't into graphics but are a lot of fun, the DS is fantastic.
  8. i have the ds lite and it is soooo entertaining. it has become a "bonding" moment for me and my daughter. i agree that they have a lot of nice games.
  9. I have both and I'd have to say the DS LITE is so much better. LOTS OF FUN! It's really addicting!
  10. Ok I'm going to get a Nintendo DS! I play RPG games like FFXII on my PS2 so I'm not looking for good graphics. I already have that. I want something durable and mindless. My first system was a SNES my mom bought for me when I 5. I was always partial to Nintendo until the Gamecube game out. I never liked the tiny disks.

    Where's the best place to buy one online?
  11. PSP... you can buy movies for it!
  12. DS!!! :yahoo:

  13. that's what i was going to say!!
  14. This thread is making me want a DS so badly! I think I'll have to leave right now before I get anymore ideas.
  15. I was considering getting either one, and couldn't make up my mind. After all the procrastination, I just gave up on the idea of getting a portable handheld set.

    That is, until I got my lil grubby hands on the MOST GORGEOUS baby pink DS Lite that my manager just got, and started playing BomberMan :shame:

    Now I can't give enough excuses why I need a DS Lite. In baby pink please! :p