Nintendo DS in Hong Kong

  1. Hello all, I'm one of those girls who love to play video games :smile: My friend is going to Hong Kong in November and I been wanting a Nintendo DS for some time now. I bought my Nintendo Advance in HK about 3 years ago for pretty cheap and it works perfectly with US games. Anyone lives in HK and knows how much it cost?? TIA!
  2. Sorry I am in Cali, too. If you find out please let us know.
  3. I don't think you'll see a drastic savings in buying a DS overseas; in fact, it may even be cheaper to buy one Stateside, unless there's a particular colour you really want that hasn't seen a North American release. Just looking at the prices on Liksang shows the pink DS Lite going for $179 + shipping, but US retailers are selling it for $129 out the door.
  4. I think they're cheaper in the US.. I'm from middle east and when a new system come, my DH orders it online since its priced 5 times higher than the original price for the first couple of months.. its crazy!

    btw, i just got the Pink DS Lite.. Its just gorgeous!!! i had to get it in pink although my DH has it in white.. hence the nickname!! lol
  5. Thanks for everyones input! :flowers:
  6. I have the white ds lite but I bought a silicone case for it in pink. Hope ya get one soon- it's great!
  7. CAN be cheaper in HK, BUT!! that's if they haven't jacked up the prices on 'special' colours.

    also, if you buy from places in mong kok it's cheaper than buying in store. but u need to ask urself if it's really worth waiting to save 10-20 bucks...i'd rather get it in the US so i have the warantee
  8. Hi Ladies! PSP will come in PINK color soon!!! I was tempted to buy the Pink DS Lite but when I saw the PSP in pink...immediately change my mind.

    I live in Singapore (but I often go to HK) & I think there's not much difference price wise.

  9. I'm hankering for a DS lite too, buuuut the price difference for systems in HK isn't really drastic, if anything, you may save tax and that would be eaten up by the exchange rate anyways.
  10. I was also thinking about warranty factor. I probably will buy the system here and maybe games there :smile::smile:

    The pink PSP must be nice! Do you know if its going to be a light pink?? I was going for the DS because I like playing Mario games, otherwise, I would get a PSP.
  11. Im waiting for the pink PSP too, however, on the DS light there are alot more games to play compared to the PSP!
  12. ooh! gals playing psp and ds!!!! what games are nice for us in the ds? :smile: i may get this... haha
  13. mariokart!! :heart: its my favorite :love::love:
  14. bf just got one for me today!!! i got the black's charging up right now. i got super mario bros for it. brings back so many childhood memories...
  15. I love love love all the brain games, like Big Brain Academy and Brain Age. Sure it's just a fad, but I've totally bought into it. There's also a really cute lawyer game (for practicing lawyering !) called Phoenix Wright ! :yes: