Nintendo DS Games (Brain Age 2 & Nintendogs)

  1. okay so im 23 and my bfs bday was last week. he wanted a nintendo DS lite and the brain age game so i got it for him (i also paid for half a car he wanted, he paid the other half)

    well the brain age game is fun but you can only win one level and open a new game once a day. so...that got kind of boring (not boring but when it only takes 5 mins to unlock a new game...what do you do with the rest of your time)

    (he and i are not really into video games. i suck really bad at most...but i always love nintendo...Super Nintendo Forever!!!! lol. haha)

    so we went to walmart tonight to find some new games....he got need for speed, and call of duty 4....and i got nintendogs....i thought it might be cute....and it would def be a game that i could play..


    its so cute....the dogs are pretty cute and they act pretty realistically! you can pet listens to your voice commands. you have to do repetitive training. and it reacts to where you touch it.... i.e. if you touch the eye it shakes its head like you just poked it in the eye....or if you touch its nose it will shake its head and sneeze.

    sooo cute!!!!

    you can play fetch with it and theres this toy called the bubble blower...and you actually blow and the mic pics up on it and blows bubbles...and stops when you stop. its soooo cool!

    HIGHLY recommend it for kids (or yourself...if you love animals and have time.)

    just thought id share just in case anyone was curious i know christmas is coming up and i know a lot of you ladies have kids!
  2. Cool! I may buy it for my little daughter!
  3. def. get it. i love it. lol. i got my bf to play with it today...he kinda thinks im crazy...i already have a lot of animals...real ones...and now im taking care of a virtual one. lol. it really is fun though.