1. Hi,

    Just find out about this website, and it is a pleasure to belong to the "Purse community" ! I am french !
    As far as all of you are concerned what is the fashion bag or the " Must have " for fall - winter 2006 / 07 ???
    x x Ninou !
  2. Welcome to the forum :smile:

    Best bag.... for me is LV mono leopard Adele.
  3. Hello :smile: Best bag? Can't decide.
  4. anything chanel :biggrin:

    or hermes :love:
  5. hmmmm on my list is jimmy choo ramona
  6. ^ YES! The Ramona is lovely.
  7. Welcome!! What styles of bags do you like? I think the antik deerskin Pradas have been very popular this fall. My niece has the hobo antik Prada and it's no longer available at Neiman Marcus online. Marc Jacobs Stam is still popular. Always Louis Vuitton! What designer bags do you see in France?
  8. Oui, beinvenue! Je pense que les sacs mieux son Bottega Veneta!! (Correct?)