NINJA SUE! I think this one's for you....

  1. :graucho:
  2. awww SO CUTE!!!!
  3. Isn't it pretty though? I'm a big fan of Chocolate Brown and in suede it just looks so rich.......where is that girl?????
  4. Arghhhhh~~ I was at meetings in Philadelphia all day and just sat down at the computer. Boy, I missed a lot of Hermes chat today! Shopmom, you are so sweet! Of course, I had seen this cutie already. But, alas, I am such a disaster that I am horribly frightened of suede! Isn't that terrible? In a house with a six year old (who is wonderfully well behaved, natch) and three cats, suede is a luxury that will have to wait! Thanks so much for the heads up, though. :flowers:
  5. could be your "going out at night to that special place that only a chocolate suede bag would be perfect for" bag....

    LOL....I know what you mean about suede. Love it but have to pass on most since I'm as much of a disaster with suede as I am with anything remotely white!
  6. ^^That mini Kelly is soooo cute!
  7. Aww it's a cutie all right!
  8. Sue, I am the same way. Suede always makes colors look so completely gorgeous and rich, but I will not permit myself to buy any bags or shoes in suede.....although, I do slip up:shrugs: . Recently, both with a bag and with a pair of shoes -- I had to return them the following day after each slip-up :girlsigh:.