Nine West

  1. Does anyone else here dislike Nine West? My friend had said they were good and gave me a pair that she bought that were accidently too small (hey free stuff. hehe). They were like the most uncomfy shoes I've ever worn and imo not well made. So, anyone else here feel the same? I've usually heard good things about Nine West...
  2. I have had a couple pairs of Nine west shoes - I liked them. This was years ago, though.
  3. I usually find them too narrow a fit for my feet, but the styles are pretty
  4. Don't you think they may have been so uncomfortable because they were too small? Just a thought.

    I like Nine West shoes, they styles are very pretty.

  5. I have never had a problem with 9 West shoes, and when I lived in San Diego there was a store at North County Fair called I thing 9 & CO that was a 9 West spin-off and had really great shoes.
  6. I LOVE 9west, great shoes for a great price! They fit me perfectly, hold up to all kinds of abuse, and their styles are hot! But everyone's feet are different, maybe 9west isn't for you.
  7. I think their designs are getting much nicer. Not sure about comfort, because I do not own any, but I keep eyeing some of their styles. My friend actually just bought some and I have heard no complaints from her.
  8. Ooops. I just realized you probably meant they were too small for your friend! Sorry!

  9. ^^^Yup. :smile:
  10. I MUCH prefer Nine West to Aldo, as far as reasonably priced shoes go. I have wide feet and have never had a problem with their shoes.
  11. I haven't bought any recently but the ones I've had in the past I really liked. Might just be the style of shoe isn't right for you. I think a lot of their shoes are really cute.
  12. i have trouble with nine west as well.

    i love the designs and the quality seems to be OK enough for the prices, but i have very narrow feet and very high arches. i have NEVER meshed with a pair of nine west shoes, dating all the way back to high school.
  13. I like nine west to be honest for the price they seem to wear well IMHO:smile:
  14. I love nine west! They're cute, cheap, and they hold up REALLY well. I bought a pair of nine west flats back in august and from September to May I wore them four days a week for school. They're still in great condition, construction wise. They're kinda scuffed, though.
  15. i have one pair of their shoes, a bronze kitten heel "flat" that I LOOOVE but cannot figure out how to walk in without looking ridiculous. The right shoe is a bit tight in the vamp so Im getting them stretched. But Im HOPING I can learn to walk in them so Ican wear them, they are super cute with jeans.