Nine West

  1. I have not gone shoe shopping for about the last two seasons. I am not much a shoe person because I find that shoes hurt my feet. I always get corns. Years ago, I bought a couple of Cole Haan shoes and they were so comfortable. Since that job loss, I can't affort to pay over $150.00 for shoes.
    I visited Nine West because I remember getting shoes from them in the past and I thought they were comfortable. Today, I have discovered that even though the shoes looked good, they no longer make leather and rubber soles. I love kitten heels and I am finding it more difficult to find them at a reasonalbe price.
    Any suggestions on where I can find kitten heels?
  2. Charles David has some very nice kitten heel pumps.
  3. I agree - Nine West quality and comfort is pretty bad lately.

    I just got two pairs of Lauren by Ralph Lauren kitten heels on the sale rack at Bloomingdales - $45 each! The leather is very soft, the quality seems good, and they are comfortable so far.

    Coach was doing a lot of very comfortable kitten heels a year or two ago - if you can find the older styles, they would likely be on sale. The Coach forum might have some ideas about places that sell older styles.
  4. i've seen ralph lauren kitten heels in winners before too. sometimes they've nice finds :smile:
  5. You might also want to try Aerosoles
  6. Thank you so much girls. I will check it out here in Canada.
  7. Well, today I went shopping and checked out coach shoes among others and I find that they are not selling kitten heel. I guess it is out of style because most of them were flat.
    I prefer a bit of a heel with leather or rubber soles.
    Has anyone seen any kitten heels when you went shopping recently?
  8. I'd like to find comfy kitten heels too. I wish I could wear flats :sad:

  9. I totally agree. This is one of my priorities this spring. Find a few kitten heels!:wlae:
  10. I just bought a pair from Nine West that has 'cloud' padding in it. I can stand for hours. You should go in and ask to try them.
  11. I didn't see any over there, but next time I am at the mall, I will ask.