Nine West rips off YSL's Downtown

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  1. This is the YSL Downtown...


    This is a Nine West bag featured in the September issue of In Style...



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  2. Blech, PVC? I don't think I'd pay even $110 for a PVC bag. I'm a little surprised In Style didn't bother to mention it was inspired by the Downtown but I guess that's because they didn't do a full description of the bag.
  3. :tdown:
  4. Ewwww! That's really ugly.

    I wrote Harper's Bazaar an email regarding their support of Nine West, because all Nine West does is sell fake bags and shoes to unaware women - all the while Bazaar flaunts ads that say, "Fakes Are Never In Fashion."
  5. Good for you. :tup: These mags deserve to be questioned about this issue.
  6. They also copyied chanel shoes this summer. It happens all of the time, so does charles david, steve madden.. ect
  7. it's tacky but like sjunky pointed out, a lot of people do it (i recently saw the charles david chanel *inspired* bags) and if the bags don't say "ysl" on them and ysl doesn't have a design trademark (which is not easy to get), it's not actually illegal. and so long as people aren't being tricked into thinking they're buying a real ysl, who cares? i think people who can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a bag deserve to participate in fashion.
  8. They are both ugly at any price!
  9. When I went shopping with a fellow TPFer, I saw the NWest downtown posted above at a department store in MN. My jaw dropped. :wtf: Then I got so mad :cursing: because I had my Vichy downtown with me. The SA came over and said the NWest tote was a good price, etc. and I didn't know what to say, I just felt :yucky: sick.

    I also came across this a few days ago:

    FOR $59! :mad:
  10. :nogood:
  11. gr8heart, that one is so ugly that I can't even get upset about it and just have to laugh at it. The ugliest knock-offs are always when they have to try and recreate prints but even the "leather" looks horrid on that one.

    As for the Nine West bag, it's not that I found it unexpected or anything (didn't Club Monaco even have their version of a Muse recently?) but was just more surprised that In Style didn't have a mention of it being an affordable version (putting it kindly) of the Downtown. Usually you'd see something like that in an article where they feature a luxury item and then show the cheaper version that looks similar, in a "dress for less" vein.
  12. Wow i cant believe that they made it so similar.
  13. patents should be easier to get,then. For 100 dollars I'd rather get a decent non-designer leather bag than a cheap nasty ugly rip-off!
  14. There is no more originality in non-designer bags. One of my friends bought a bag in a cute boutique then when she came to Bergdorf's realized it was a Marc by Marc Jacobs knock-off!
  15. [​IMG]

    that's a particularly horrible "interpretation" of an amazing bag. ugh - PVC???