Nine West Rapido folding sneakers

  1. Is anyone familiar with this style? I went ahead and added them to my Nine West order because they looked very cool. They're based on the same idea as the Luvmyflats folding slippers. They're soft shoes with a slit sole that allows you to fold them in half and store them in a carrying case for travel.

    I really like the style. They appear very well made using quality materials (mostly soft suede) and they fit true to size. However, when I put them on, the Right shoe felt strange.

    They look like they can be worn on either foot, with no true left and no true right. However, when I examined them closely, I found that both shoes had a Left insole in them!

    Has anyone purchased this style before? I doubt it's normal to have a Left insole in each shoe.
  2. its a mistake.. contact nine west and they'll correct it im sure..

    those shoes sound quite interesting ive never heard of them before.
  3. I just got a response from customer service. One of my local stores has them in stock in the same color/size, so I can just exchange them in the morning. A real pain in the neck, but not a catastrophe. I have no idea how a shoe store could send a customer two left shoes.

    Barbie: You can see the Rapido's on the Nine West web site. Just search for the name at the top of the screen. Here's a photo:
  4. I bought a pair of these at T.J. Maxx a few years ago. Even though I usually wear a 6-12 or 7 and these were a 6, I bought them because they were such an amazing deal and so cool-looking. I figured someone could use them. I forgot about them until going on vacation this month. I wanted to pack workout shoes that weren't clunky. I tried them on and they fit, although very snugly. They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever had! They're like slippers except that you can take long walks in them. My mom saw them and said she wants a pair, and I want to buy 5 more pairs.

    On the inside they just say "Rapidor." I googled them and found this site. Had no idea they were Nine West. I went to the Nine West website and searched "Rapidor" but my search turned up no results. :search: