Nine West - please help!!

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  1. Hi

    I need some help!!

    I love these Nine west shoes...
    but don't understand what size I whould be ordering...

    I'm a european 38.5... what size is that?
    and width: M,N,W??

    my feet aren't wide... I'd say they're "normal" width...

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  2. Take out the 3 and that gives you your North American Size.

    M= medium, which is most people
    W= wide
    N= narrow
  3. yess.. soo that it'll make you size 8.5 M
    btw, i like that shoe!
  4. Yup.. you would be 8.5 M !
  5. ^ Agree with the above. I also just bought some nine west shoes and bought the same size I get in other shoes, so I'd say they run true to size!
  6. I always thought European size is smaller than US size, but I guess it depends on the brand. I'm a US 8, but I always get 7.5 in Nine West shoes.
  7. I bought those same shoes a little while back!! LOVE EM
  8. I'm always a size 8 with Nine West but a size 39 with European brands, so I think you're a 7.5M when it comes to Nine West :smile:
  9. nine west shoes run big on me, i'm a 38.5 and i never get bigger than an 8.
  10. thanks everyone!!!!
  11. oops.... just checked out the site and they do not deliver outside the US!!!
  12. ^^^I got these shoe... I think they're a really cheap alternative for the nine west ones....
    they're Bronx so the quality is the same as nine west...
    I like the wooden heel and the square toe on the nine wests but o well... I think I'll enjoy the bronx...
  13. To get a US shoe size from a typical european shoe size, drop the '3' and subtract .5 for wider feet, or 1.0 for narrow or medium feet. So your US shoe size is either an 8 (if you have wide feet) or a 7.5 (if you have narrow or medium width feet). Of course, this fluctuates slightly with width of shoes and cut/design.
  14. I am a 39 european size and I have the flat version of this in a US size 8. I used the Nine West size conversion guide when I ordered mine.

    Here it is, if anyone if interested: