Nine West Handbags

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  1. I was wondering what you guys thought of Nine West handbags,do you think their good quality ?
  2. For the price, I think they're good quality. I have a couple that I use as my "rainy day" bags when I don't want to ruin one of my pricier bags.
  3. I have a few from years ago that are in good shape and there is one the I carried everyday in college that looks good/no falling apart.
  4. I think some of them are quite nice, it's just a shame that most of them are plastic
  5. I have owned Nine West before, and the bags are pretty nice for their price range. They hold up well. I am not a fan of synthetic leather, but I can't complain since they didn't look totally like crap.
  6. I never own a ninewest bag but I saw some models are nice and look great than price.
  7. I have had quite a few over the years and the quality has been great! I saw some the other day at Ross for under $30!
  8. yess i love my nine weat bag. i've used and abused it for years
  9. I have owned a few Nine West bags and some are very cute....but since using more expensive bags I can't help but notice how cheaply they are made. But the price is cheap so I guess it's ok.
  10. I think their shoes are better quality than the bags.
  11. I agree about their shoes being better than their bags. Their bags are okay. I did have one ninewest bag a while ago when I was not yet into designer bags. Overall, I just never really liked the style of most of their bags.
  12. I have a couple nine west nylon and leather bags floating around somewhere which I don't use much any more. But you know what is still one of my workhorses? A black nylon Nine West carryon bag. It's big enough to put a magazine in the back outside pocket, goes over my shoulder and has two outside flap pockets with snap-buckle closures. I've had it for years as an airline carryon and as an overnight bag at my BFs' places (yes that is plural...I've had it a few years, hehehehe). It is hardly worn down at all and is probably the most bulletproof bag I own since it goes with me quite a bit on the road or on the plane!

    Everytime I think "oh man, I should 'upgrade' and get a more expensive carry on and/or overnight bag" I keep looking at this and thinking why not just keep it for now? It's timeless.
  13. I have three... a little black "enzo" purse that someone once asked me if it was "coach" (LOL), a handbag that I got for xmas a couple years back & used as a casual-everyday-throw-it-around-take-the-abuse bag... and a mom-sized over squarish purse I got from Ross's. LOL And I loved them all. They hold up great, and if you buy them full retail, I'm of the opinion they're not "cheap." IMHO, they're well made, good stitching, good clasps & can take a lot of abuse day in/out for several years...

    So far, my only "guilty pleasure" purse is a marc jacobs, that I hide whenever it rains... my bf thinks I'm silly... he needs to wait till I can afford the good stuff.. I'll show him what silly is! :nuts: