Nine West Gladiators (pics)

  1. The second I saw them I knew I had to have them. There is no way I could ever afford Balenciaga's jaw droppingly gorgeous, studded ones, and Nine West completely replicated the Balenciaga style except for the toe, which is round on the Balenciagas and square on the Nine Wests. I should mention I have hairy legs because I'm a guy, not a female naturalist. :p

    & The black ones are Nine West; all other gladiators are from Urban Outfitters last year.



  2. Gag!
  3. What are those shoes in your sig? They are TDF!
    Re: the gladiators.. not my style ...
  4. Marni
  5. I happen to like your gladiator shoes!!!
  6. Me too! They look nice , & the shoes in your sig are so hot! and sorry but if no one has anything nice to say don't say it! If he likes his shoes then thats all that matters..
  7. hmm. All i said was that the gladiators weren't my style..
    didn't think that was "not nice".. ?:confused1:
    If any offense was taken I apologize...
  8. Noo not to you! I thought the Gag comment wasnt too appropriate , I wasnt having a go at anyone no hard feelings!
  9. LOVE! Funny - I just bought the nine west wedge gladiators over the weekend thinking "wow these are hot shoes". But now i know why i thought i saw them somewhere - balenciaga!!

    Could I get some advice though? Black or brown? I picked up brown thinking it'd be perfect for spring/summer....but i would've died for the black balenciaga sandals last year...

    maybe i'll get both :p
  10. i love them! such a perfect alternative to flip flops!! :smile:
  11. fabulous shoes! love them all! i bought the ones from urban outfitters last year, and i am kicking myself in the behind for returning them. enjoy them!
  12. I like the nine west gladiators. I love nine west shoes and purses though.
  13. i'm not crazy about nine west shoes because they aren't that comfortable imo
  14. :shocked: the
  15. I like all but the white... They're funny, I dont know. The dark brown and black are my fav, ya look great!