Ninama's goodies

  1. I guess you have to start somewhere and I don't have a lot, so I'll submit my most unusual purse - an un-PC, vintage jaw-dropper that's only left the house twice.
  2. oh boy. . . am I looking at what I think I'm looking at?
  3. Wow, that is a jaw dropper! I'm curious to see what the rest of your collection looks like!
  4. I love exotic (but legal) materials. Of these three, only the red one is contemporary. It's a weensy go-bag, 5.5" x 7.5" with a long 'disco' strap. I like the covered snaps - nice touch!
    gators3.jpg crocred.jpg crocredtag.jpg
  5. A little Anya Hindmarch peau de soie evening bag with crystal baubles and leather lining. I don't even know why I have this.. I never use it.
    anya.jpg anyalabel.jpg
  6. Leopard fur muff bag. NOT for toting your muff around ;) but for warming your hands. Carry small essentials in the reverse side, which is velvet. About 10" x 12". Vintage, obviously!
    catmuffbag.jpg catmuffzip.jpg
  7. have very unique bags! The first one definitely is a jaw-dropper and I love the exotics.
  8. Wow- great collection
  9. Did u ever get any comments from people when wearing the first bag in public? Just wondering ~ I can imagine that people would have mixed reactions upon seeing a bag like that. It is truly unique; I've never seen such a bag, to be honest. You said it's vintage; do you know from when/who made it? I am honestly blown away by it. I want to know its history, lol. Kudos for finding it, carrying it, AND posting for us to see!! :smile:
  10. Thank you. I know that purses are taken very seriously here... I'm pleased that my finds are at least interesting! I don't have any new, high-end purses but would love to have a Lana Marks or an Asprey someday...

    Ash - I haven't had any confrontations. I'm in L.A. ... I don't know if that makes a difference. I don't think anyone really believes their eyes when they see it. My estimate on the vintage is 60s to early 70s, just based on the style. The label is foreign (Korean? I don't know.), so I can't read it, but the two zipper pulls are KKK (just to pile on the political incorrectness!) and Three Star, respectively.

    Here's a photo of the label... if anyone can translate, that would we great.
  11. Really pretty Victorian beaded bag. The background color is a deep espresso brown and it's lined with brown silk and cotton.

    I photographed it two years ago to sell it online... it never sold and now I can't find it!
    beadbagA.jpg beadbagB.jpg beadbagC.jpg
  12. lol- I actually like it! Great collection!
  13. Ninama- Thanks for the info! A truly awesome collection :smile:
  14. I think your collection is very unique and interesting, but I feel so sorry for the poor kitty being a cat lover. :sad: I felt like crying when I saw the first bag. :crybaby:

    I have no problem with croc, snake, and leathers, and I love beautiful bags in general but it's just hard to see the shape of the face so clearly without feeling a twinge of sadness. It is definitely a collectors piece for those that appreciate that sort of exotic bag.
  15. I'm a kitty lover, too... I have a Siamese and a Calico! A leopard is "prettier" than an alligator (to some), but I believe they're perfectly equal as God's creatures (and they'd both gnaw my head off, given the opportunity).

    The purse is definitely a collectors item and I've given it a home, removing it from commercial circulation. My mother did that with taxidermy, which is how I ended up with a full-mount cougar in my bedroom.