nina ricci marche anyone?

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  1. hello,

    I've been thinking about getting the nina ricci marche bag (in small or medium) since i saw it a couple years ago. i think its such a beautiful classic looking bag. thing is, I've never seen it in person and I'm close to ordering it soon.

    do the color offerings change every season? black would be very practical and the taupe is very pretty too.

    does anyone have it? how is it holding up? i kind of want to use it as an everyday bag but I'm wondering if the leather and suede are too delicate for everyday use? i wouldn't want it to get too scratched up.

    any opinions appreciated!

  2. Maybe post a pic :?: I haven't bought anything Nina Ricci for years and then it was a dress and would appreciate a bit more info
  3. I fell in love with this bag on line last year, and had hoped to find one on sale. That did not happen for me, at least in a color I wanted--grey or black. Then I found one on Myhabit(part of Amazon, but now out of business) a two tone, grey and cream, more summery. I really love the style and feel it will hold up well, I have only used a few times this year, only because I have too many bags I love now.
    I would highly recommend. It is a beautiful style.
  4. I found a pic from last year.

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  5. I hate it every time this bag is mentioned because I love it and talk myself out of it. Then it's brought up again and I can't think of anything else.

    Can't wait to hear feedback.
  6. Not sure if this is helpful but I just bought the mini marche in ivory/white and it is seriously stunning. the leather is gorgeous and soft but sturdy and I've had no problems with the suede. The hardware is very sturdy and it came with a little leather pouch. I've been trying to downsize what i carry and while it's been an adjustment, the bag is so beautiful that I've learned to live with it. The only odd thing is the cinched sides. they can't be adjusted really so if you have something wider than those sides, it's tough to get in the bag. Otherwise I can't speak highly enough of it. It's my first Nina Ricci bag and will certainly not be my last.
  7. Very nice, clean, minimalist and modern :tup:
  8. I have a mini Marche in Navy. It's a very pretty bag and very lady-like. Lightweight too! :smile: There's no Nina Ricci where I live, so I had to look through many online pictures of the bag to determine the size that would be suitable for me. So yes, I bought the bag without being able to see it in person. Below is a picture of the bag. The sides are permanently unclasped so that I can squeeze a bit more space out of the bag. Mini is really mini!

    Using it as an everyday bag should not be an issue. I have carried the bag to work as well. Unless you are really rough with bags?

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  9. I have one and dearly love it. Mine is a taupe shade I guess. Very well made and undervalued in my opinion.
  10. I have been stalking the small Marche since Christmas; hoping maybe I'll get over it. Nope, still love the clean line and beautiful leather. My patience have finally paid off. Just checked Nordstrom and it is 65% off! Immediately ordered the grey one; can't wait to get it!

    Was hoping to find more feedback in the forum on the Marche but didn't see much except this thread.
  11. Please post a pic when you receive it!
  12. thanks for posting pics - your marches look beautiful! they are just so classic and i love how they are structured and not floppy.

    I'm definitely thinking about getting the taupe or black in the fall!

    AL1982 - please post pictures of yours when it arrives!
  13. Marche1.jpg Marche2.JPG

    Just got my mini (small) Marche a few days ago in Stone Grey (the color is more true in the second pic).
    -Size. This is a small tote bag. I saw in store and wanted this smaller size which is more petite suited. I am 5'2" and doesn't lug around a lot of stuff.
    -Design. Elegant and lady like as someone mentioned. Beautiful leather, uncommon design with the handle and nice touch of incorporating the side suede. I feel I can dress up or down with this bag.
    -It is suede lined however, no inside pockets at all. A detachable pouch is included but it is small which hardly fits anything except a lipstick and mirror. My iPhone 6 did not fit in it.
    -The opening is a tad narrow. I am testing with tail end of the zipper out (as seen in the pic 1). It does help a bit but it doesn't look good so I am going to tuck it back in.
    Keeping! Love, love the external design; plus i got it for such a great price :smile:. I would not recommend paying full price for it though or maybe consider, the larger (medium) size. It will likely not have the issues from the con list.
  14. Very lovely! I do not mind the zipper out, if that helps. I'm so glad you found it for a great price. That is part of the prize!