Nina Ricci bags, anyone?

  1. While vintageshopping the other day, I spotted a vintage Nina Ricci bag that was being sold for a very low price. I was a bit surprised, because I've always thought of Nina Ricci as a good, respectable brand (not that I own any of their products myself, it's just an assumption you have for whatever reason). After I got home from my shoppingtrip, I checked eBay and noticed that indeed, you can find Nina Ricci bags for a very low price there too.

    So does anyone have experience with these bags? Is the quality bad? or are the designs just considered boring? Or why are the prices of genuine leather bags, made in France (from what I understand) so low?
  2. I think their designs are boring. If I will to have a choice between Nina Ricci and the other brand Sonia Rykiel. I would go for Sonia Rykiel. Maybe I should check out more of their bags. I remember my mom used to carry them when I was growing up
  3. Nina Ricci was the hottest, most highly anticipated show during the Paris collections for Fall/Winter 2007. With new designer Oliver Theyskens heading up the label, the house has seen profits skyrocket 60%. Nina Ricci stuff is grossly expensive, so I'm not sure why these purses would be "cheap." Are they vintage perhaps?

    Not sure about purses from either Nina Ricci or Sonia Rykiel actually. Both aren't known for their handbags. Sonia Rykiel is known for knitwear and Nina Ricci - of course - for their famous perfume. The clothing at Nina Ricci this season is spectacular though - and topped almost every fashion critics list. I don't remember anything standing out in the way of accessories though, except for a killer pair of boots with swishy side tassles.

    Do you have a picture of either of these bags? I think we'd be able to better advise you. :smile:
  4. I have a question that is totally off the subject. I have run across this website Jomashop and was wondering if the merchandise on this site authentic? You anything about it?
  5. I think the reason Nina Ricci bags are going so cheaply on eBay has to do with the general public's knowledge of the brand. Unless you are a total fashion buff, you probably haven't a clue about Nina Ricci. There's not as much name recognition as you get with Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Coach. Therefore, people aren't so inclined to bid. This basically lowers the resale value of a Nina Ricci bag. I am basing this on my experience with the Donna Karan brand. Her bags are gorgous, extremely high quality, and quite pricey. However, you will see authentic ones selling on eBay for peanuts because Donna Karan isn't one of the instantly recognizable "It" brands, so there not so much resale value.
  6. If you search for Jomashop you will find a few threads about them. Consensus is authentic, but I know there were some posters who didn't trust that.
  7. I have one since 10 years ago. At that time Nina Ricci is quite famous but not now.
  8. It is such an old dusty label isn't it? It might take a little time, but already the house is making its presence known in all the right circles. Beautiful, really modern stuff. It's definitely making a roaring comeback and well on its way to having items being on a lot of people's "most coveted" lists. I know there are some beautifull, delicate knits this season that I would kill to have.
  9. Yes, I am talking about vintage bags. I saw a few that I thought looked nice but I was a bit scared to buy them when I saw the price difference between them and some other high end bags, I thought it might be a sign of poor quality or something.

    No pics yet, I still havent decided if I should get one or not :smile:
    I'm tempted, and I am not too bothered with the popularity of a brand (it's kind of cool being the only one carrying a certain bag anyway) but my main concern was that maybe the quality was bad...

    Sounds like Nina Ricci might be making a bit of a comeback then? interesting! I will check the collection out ASAP!
  10. Did you like the quality of the bag you used to own? :smile:
  11. I think you might be right about that. That isn't necessarily a problem in my case, resale values are pretty low for most kinds of bags (Mulberry & Burberry perhaps being exceptions) where I live anyway (most people have never heard of Hermes here, so even an Hermes bag would probably be impossible to resell around here!) but it does indeed explain the low prices on Ebay etc. And possibly in vintagestores as well, the people working there might not be too familiar with Nina Ricci either.
  12. :tup:I just found a Nina Ricci bag today(also vintage shopping) and was also wondering if anyone can autheticate the bag this particular(circa probably 1960-70) It's an "Enevelope" style. The bag itself is in very good shape(canvas and leather)with a few small splits in the folds of the canvas. I've tried to look for other bags to compare but haven't had any luck. The "Nina Ricci" monogram is all over the bag(inside and out)
    I'll be setting up my camera to take some pictures and hopefully someone will authenticate this.:s
  13. Okay, here are my picutures:

    Photo 8.jpg

    Photo 9.jpg

    Photo 10.jpg

    Photo 11.jpg

    Photo 13.jpg

    I hope this helps
  14. Zippy14u:

    I bought some Nina Ricci bags a while ago, and some of them are from the same period (I think so anyway...), and the font on the bag seems about right to me. However, my bags all have "Nina Ricci Paris Made in France" written inside of them (in gold letters), does your bag have that too?

    (I know for a fact mine are authentic now btw)
  15. :yes:Hello and thank you for the responce.
    I think my bag may be alittle older(not by much) because it has "NR-Nina Ricci-Paris" embossed in leather on the inside and on a metal plate on the front of the bag.

    "NR-Nina Ricci-Paris" is written throughout the bag(inside and out) and also on the matching strap.

    By the way, what material is your bag made?(Mine is canvas):yes: