Nina or Phoebe?

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  1. What does everyone think about these styles?
  2. They are darling if you are looking for a very small bag or clutch. I doubt the Phoebe would hold much of anything except keys, money and some make-up. The Nina is cute as all get out and if you are the kind of girl to just carry the bare essentials, then it is just right for you. Keep in mind that the Chain is chunky and heavy but it is removable.
    Welcome to Kooba Kingdom! Do you have any Koobas? Hang out here for very long and you will :graucho: .
  3. Hi Emma Antonia, is that your name? I love it!

    Me, I love smaller bags as well, (Lex, not going to get into where I would nip to with this bag) never know where to put big bags in a restaurant when there are no spare chairs (although I'm in the process of getting myself a purse hook from eBay) Love the Nina, just think the chain looks a bit chunky..have you looked at the Josie (maybe way too small for you...)
  4. Hi Girls! Thanks for replying! Yes, Emma Antonia it is! Thanks! I always thought it was old fashioned, but oh well... Yes, I have other Kooba's. I have the Sienna, of course. And the Lucy I carried so much I wore her out (dare I tell you that?). I have the Paige and the Natasha too. So I am kind of a Koob'aholic, but I'm not any where near you Kooba Queen from what I've read! I'm leaning toward the Nina though because you are right! Talk to ya later!
  5. ^^^
    Wow, somebody who has actually worn out Kooba, that's refreshing, LOL

    Which colour was that Lucy?, always thought that was a very pretty bag, just that I'm not big on studs everywhere..

    Emma, you're a true Kooba lover, great to have you here!
  6. Thanks, it's great to be here! This was the honey brown that was in In Style in 05 and at the time was nearly impossible to find. I later saw Britney Spears with teh same color, but I got mine first.