Nina Kooba...any one seen it??

  1. This bag comes in large and small. It has a detachable brass shoulder strap. I am really, really liking this bag? The small may be better for me, but has anyone seen this yet? If so what do you think??? Love the blond color but the black is yumy too.Thoughts Kooba girls???;)
  2. i have the one in slate.. one word of caution. the discolouration is HORRENDOUS. but other than that i'm loving the size and the leather. the black should be fine though, but the blond ones would need extra care in the sun as well, just like my slate.
  3. Thanks for that! I can always use a stylish black bag. It's just different without being too out there, if you know what I mean. Did you get the larger one? Glad you like yours, do you get many compliments on it?:flowers:
  4. I had the Slate one too but sold it before I used it. I thought the chain was a bit heavy. Actually the Large version is it's own bag called the Meredith. It has no chain, just leather straps. The only color I would consider now after all the reviews is black. Unless you like and ugly yellowish brown color which the slate will turn into to.
  5. I have a Meredith in blonde and the color is fine after about 6 months. I gave it a good coating of Apple Garde or Wilson's and I don't see any change in color. I do feel I have to be a bit careful with it due to the light color as far as dirt/marks, etc.