Nina in Slate for $169.45: Hurry!

  1. For those interested...this is a very good price, as I saw the Nina on the second cut table at Saks for $300 more or less.....
  2. Wow, gone already!
  3. Sheeeeeesh! That is amazing!
  4. They had two left at the Saks in Birmingham today after I purchased mine! You might want to give them a call, I posted in the deals section!
  5. Wow, that was a great price for a newer bag!
  6. Hi - So I bought this bag last night when I saw it on the Deals N Steals. Am I getting a Nina or a Meredith??? They call it a Meredith (and that is what the link was for), but the picture and the description is the Nina. I really wanted the Meredith! I ordered it so fast when it popped up that I didn't notice. What do you think???
  7. I think you bought the Nina, but the picture is of a Meredith...??!?
  8. Compass - If you click the link above, it is called a Meredith by Saks but isn't that a picture of the Nina??? There was a similar link on the deals and steals page last night.
  9. Wow! What a great price for that bag! Hopefully it's a Meredith :smile:
  10. I received the bag today. Unfortunately it was a Nina. It is a really pretty bag, but not what I wanted. (and I purchased two other Koobas this week). I sent it back to today. It should appear back on their website within a week or so. If you are interested in it, you may wish to check there. It was $169 with free shipping. Good luck!
  11. Wow! That was quite a mix-up on the part of Saks! Sorry you didn't like it, but I think the Nina is very pretty, but not what I would like to carry every day. We will watch for it and see what happens to it.