Nina Garcia's Closet...

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  1. OOOOOOOooooo...

    Look at this! I found the pics of Nina Garcia's, E
    lle Magazine's fashion director and Project Runway judge...closet...:graucho:


    Wowiee....:nuts: and it looks like she has the anniversary Birkin, and prototype Sac De Nuit with gold trims! And look at all those 2.55s...
  2. i'd like to spend the rest of my life in there :love::tender:
  3. Wow:nuts:
  4. Geez... I wish my closet was that organized... I love how she has the pochettes coming out of the Manhattan GM.... :biggrin:
  5. Wait... that Taupe Chains bag coming out of the Manhattan looks like one of those prototypes Karen Kooper had up for sale not too long ago...
  6. wow...
  7. how does she decide what to wear/carry in the morning?!?!
  8. ME TOO!!!:nuts::love:
  9. Ooooh, yeah, now that's some good stuff! I wonder how she keeps it so organized, my closet is a total disaster.
  10. why.. why do so many rich and fabulous people... hang everything on plastic hangers!!!!!

    i'm gonna have a mommie dearest moment here and change the wire to plastic:
  11. :idea:Two words for you: Organized Interiors!!!:wlae:
  12. Wow nice closet. Is it me or does she look preggers in the first picture?
  13. Yeah.. that's it... thanks Khoipond. ;) GAHHHH I wish that bag woulda been produced...

    ...and yeah I thought she looked preggers too?