Nimfa's Collection

  1. Hi everyone! This is my collection of handbags that I own. I had my son upload them on the internet for me since I don't know how to. I still have to take a picture of other items I own as well.


    MICHAEL Michael Kors:


    Juicy Couture:

    Louis Vuitton:
  2. Welcome to tPF!
  3. Love Love Love your stuff!! That one LV (not the PH) is cute!! What is the name of that?? Welcome to the PF!!!
  4. Thanks! My collection doesn't compare to a lot of other people on here though!

    Selena, the name of the other LV I own is a Saint Cloud. That bag is older than my son who is 15 yeard old now. I had a Speedy too but I threw it away in the early 90's because the zipper broke. I should've kept it if I knew I could take it to a Louis Vuitton boutique to be repaired!
  5. Welcome to tPF!!
    Great collection, Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Welcome to the BEST purse forum :yahoo:


    I can't see any pics :crybaby:
  7. lovely pieces, love the PH and the burberry 'speedy'! :love:
  8. very nice bags! thanks for sharing and welcome to pf!
  9. WOW. lovely bags..... welcome to the forum..
  10. Yay. Another Michael Kors Fan. :P Nice collection !
  11. Welcome! Nice bags! I love your Vuitton wallet! Thanks for the photos!
  12. love your michael kors bags!!! great collection!!!
  13. Love that burberry speedy.. what is the official name for it?
  14. Thanks everyone! Looking at everyone elses collections makes me want to start buying more handbags now! :smile:

    This is another thing I forgot to post too:
    My son got me these Coach shoes for Mother's Day this year.
  15. Honestly I don't know what the name of it is. My son calls it a Burberry Speedy too, but I call it a Burberry Satchel.:girlsigh: I checked the tag and it doesn't have a name on it either.