NIMBUS!!!! Still Undecided.........

  1. I haven't received a call from SA(but next bag is reserved for me), but I'm still undecided yet. I LOVE the bag.......but I feel like I have been buying too many bags in short period of times and not giving each bags enough attention:wlae:

    Also, I have this Chanel Bag. It's a Square Vintage line bag in Dark White Color. Some people said it's too similar......what do you think? I'm not planning on letting this Chanel go.

    I'm starting to really like Rivetting Bag in Black......should I buy Rivetting instead?(or get both??:supacool:)

  2. that is kind of similar. do you use the chanel one often? if so, maybe you should opt for the black riveting. i love that beautiful in the lambskin! of course if you could get both, that would be the icing on the cake.
  3. I would get the riveting since you have something similar, although I do LOVE the Nimbus! you will be fine either way ;)
  4. I really love the Nimbus. I have to say the rivet bags, while nice, just don't "do it" for me like the cloud bags do!
  5. I just saw Lindsay Lohan's pic carrying a Stratus GM...........I guess I got to have Nimbus..........for now............ It seems like Riveting in Black will be more available for a little while than Olimpe..........
  6. it is similar, yeh maybe you should get the riveting, such a gorgeous bag! xx
  7. I love the clouds bags ( and your Chanel) so I would get the Nimbus while you can, hopefully you can still pick up a riveting bag later one.
  8. i say go for the nimbus.....its such a beautiful purse.
  9. I like the nimbus better than the rivet bag.I think its way nicer IRL..I adore my nimbus bag...Its not like your Chanel at all...I swear.I own it ...So I can honestly say I think U will LOVE the nimbus once u get your hands on her!LOL!
  10. Go for the Riveting, your Chanel is very similar.
  11. The nimbus and the Chanel vintage tote are both puffy and squishy..a teeny bit similar. I would choose the black riveting :love: thats a hot bag! :yes:
  12. Black Riveting!!
  13. I'm gonna be the enabler here and go for both!:p. Keep the Chanel and get both the rivet and the nimbus!
  14. I like Nimbus more than riveting bag.
  15. It is similar. G et the riveting:yes: