Nimbus PM: Perle or Anthracite?


Which color Nimbus?

  1. Perle

  2. Anthracite

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. On Saturday I am planning on purchasing a Nimbus PM. This will be the absloute last bag I purchase for a long while and it is def.the most expensive bag I've ever bought so I want to make sure I am totally in love with my purchase.

    At first I was sure I wanted the anthracite but after trying both on at the boutique (I literally stood in front of the mirror with one on each arm turning from side to side) I fell in love with the Perle (I was wearing a dark wash jean and black top). I wear a lot of blacks, browns, khakis, denims, and whites so either would compliment my wardrobe. I was wondering if I could get come feedback from those of you who have either bag to let me know what colors you are wearing your bag with and whether there are issues with color transfer, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I voted Perle! I really don't like anthracite for some reason. I think the perle is so gorgeous and can go with anything. Please get it! hehe
  3. I voted for Anthracite. I'm a fan of darker colors.
  4. I like anthracite more for myself, but I voted for Perle for you.

    You know I love this bag.
  5. :tup: ditto!
  6. Perle...the marbling on it is interesting and the anthracite just didn't do it for me!
  7. ohhh sure it's your last bag for a while :p
    i love them both so i'm no help. so happy for you yippppeeee~~!
  8. I voted for the Anthracite.

    Love this color .... it is so stunning in person.
  9. I prefer the anthracite --- less worry with the color transfer, although perle is gorgeous, too. I have the anthracite Nimbus GM and I totally love this color and bag. It goes with a lot of things in my wardrobe especially blacks and denims. I've actually been able to wear a lot of things with this color! Good luck with your decision!!
  10. i have the Anthracite and i love it because it goes with everything and doesn't get dirty as easily as the Perle would
  11. ooh i'm glad you posted this RG since i'm in the same boat. just based on looks i'd go with perle since the monogram pops out more. but the anthracite was a really nice shade of grey. i'm voting perle for now. i should see if they have any on maui.
  12. ^^^Caley, that's what the SA said as well. Right now I am leaning toward Perle, but I need to know if there are color transfer issues, esp. since I'll be using this bag a lot, I have all the kids, and am planning on wearing it with Denim. Anyone out there with Perle can give me feedback?
  13. I voted for Anthracite this colour:love:
  14. I like the darker color much better!!
  15. I'm curious about color transfer issue myself. I just bought the perle nimbus GM and I'm scared to use it because I hear about color transfer. I think it will be fine, although the common consensus on here is caution. I am curious if anyone actually had a problem with this on this color...