Nimbus pm OR Cirrus???

  1. Which do you think is better?

    Nimbus cons = handle is too thick, looks like a basket weave

    Cirrus = looks aged?:s
    nimbus pm.jpg cirrus.jpg
  2. That is Stratus, not Nimbus :smile:

    Cirrus is amazing in person, very delicate & lovely. The bag doesn't look old at all, just beautiful.
    I love my Nimbus & the handle is not thick at all.
  3. I love the Nimbus
  4. the stratus handles are similar to the nimbus and its not really that bulky in person, or at least that's what i thought.

    i'm not really a big fan of the closure that the cirrus has.

    stratus gets my vote!
  5. The first... I like that handle!
  6. go for the stratus!
  7. Stratus!!
  8. cirrus...
  9. I have the Cirrus and I love it to death! If I had to choose just one bag I would keep that one.
  10. Cirrus.
  11. I like the stratus and cirrus:push:
  12. Of the two choices, I like Cirrus. I don't really like the handle of stratus.
  13. the Cirrus most definitely :yes:
  14. Cirrus its my fav cloud bag
  15. I love them all. I have the Stratus and the Nimbus, and I bought the Cirrus at one point but returned it because it was too akward to carry for me. Between the Stratu and Nimbus, I like the Nimbus best because it's so light and easy to carry.