Nimbus Pm and my little shopping spree in LV

  1. There are so many people lining up in front of the LV stores as usual but since my lovely SA is there I gave him a call and he came out to let me in ...

    Ok .. I was there to picked up my little pressie for my DBF cos I have been waiting for it to hot stamp.. but it turns out that I have to spend a lot more money ..

    First I have to apologize everyone I didnt have to post pics cos I have to head to a GALA Dinner in two hours and I am still not ready so I dont actually have time to post pic..

    ok.. I picked up 2 Porte Document Geant one for my DBF and one for my lovely brother.. I got the only 2 in stores.. I am super happy and hope they like it when they get it tonite..

    And then when I was abt to leave the store .. my lovely SA told me that he got the damier sophies for me and should be ready to picked up in a week when shipment comes in .. I got one for myself, my DBF's sister and my gd friend in the states... :yahoo::yahoo:

    And after they charge me .. he came out with something that surprised me.. I thought that the nimbus pm wont be out till the 15th but is there in store already just that I cant picked it up till they first.. but I ordered one in perle.. the colors are at least 3 shade darker than wht we expected but the perle are to die for..

    The Pm is around the size of Coussin ?? not sure if it is how u called it but the cashew shaped one it is just so cute.. and it comes with matching grey hardware not what we thought was beige... !! I try to take pics but there are so many people eyeing on the bag .. I just cant seems to be able to do so.. My SA told me that there are less shipment then expected as usual.. only 2 in each color for the PMs and one in each for the GMs.. so everyone go bug your SA they should be recieving them this week too ..

    Ok. I better go before I got caught by DD and DBF that I am here online typing on the blog instead of getting ready... but I just cant wait to share with everyone.. heee.. now the pressies are at the back of my car.. cant wait to hear what they say when they find out ... !! :p
  2. Ohhh!! Could you maybe find a pic of a grey that you think the perle is similar to??

    Size of the COUSSIN?? That's extremely small! Do you mean the Croissant?


    The new Nimbuses are scheduled to be released on September 1st. Hmmm...if a store in HK only got two in each colour for the PM then how many will my store get?! :wtf: I hope we at least get one in each colour, because I know I'm first on the list for the perle PM and if I don't get one (or at least get to see it and decide I don't want it) then I'll be very disappointed :sad:
  3. I can't wait to see photos .... it seems that the nimbus pm is smaller than we imagined??? I was hoping for the same size as my stratus pm:yes:
  4. When comparing sizes, didn't you say that it'd be the same size as the Tulum GM, shalomjude? The width/height are pretty similar, just that the thickness is smaller BUT the leather is soft...

    I'm assuming the Nimbus PM should look like this on a person, except maybe the straps aren't as long. (Or I hope not at least)
  5. Yes Karman thats it is almost like the size of the first bag u post !! The crossitant. I am trying to look for the color in the grey .. the perle is really really nice.. !! it has this finish to it like the ecru.. !!
  6. Which shade of grey would you say the perle is the closest to in this picture??


    Or...even darker??
  7. I didn't realize it was so small...
  8. My SA said it would be more the size of the Tulum GM also..
  9. Perle should be a mixture between C,D and E .. I am really bad @ describing things but it have this marble finish .. ?? not sure if thats how u called it

    But Karman your photo shopping skills is great.. !! I couldnt believe how fast u are @ doing it .. and by the way the plastic parts has a finish around B color
  10. Did you have a chance to see the Anthracite as well? If you did, how dark is it?
  11. Congrats on your purchases, have great taste!
  12. Keokicat. yea I saw the Anthracite ... it is really dark... em.. I am thinking of what I can compare it to...
  13. I know what you mean with the marbling. Would you say the main colour is D though?
  14. do you have photos of the Porte Document Geant you purchased??? I am still unsure about the nimbus PM...if I didn't have the vienna klara and stratus pm I would purchase it as soon as it arrived here:yes:
  15. Em. yea I am abt to take pics.. my bro took his home and my bf took his to his home.. I am there right now trying to take pics.. it is so pretty .. now he wants one in black as well.. heee

    Karman I would say more like an E ... It got a slight little blue tint in it as well.. !