Nimbus-less? Should I return it?

  1. It's down down to a choice: keep the Nimbus PM in perle and be without a computer or replace my dying computer and give up the Nimbus. I could theoretically have both -- it would just mean paying off the credit card in 3 months instead of 2. But I think the Nimbus is going to have to go back.

    Except, I really kind of like it...

    Your thoughts?
  2. Keep it and get a replacement for your computer at the same time. Just pay off your debt in 3 months. At least you'll have both of the things that u want :smile:
  3. If it won't hurt you to pay your debt off in 3 month, then I'd keep the bag and get the computer.
    Otherwise, I'd have to say bye bye to the bag........a working computer is crucial to me!
  4. Hmm... I personally would not like to have any credit lability.
  5. I personally wouldnt like any credit liability and I think computer are slightly more important cos i need that to communicate....I dont know much abt your collection but may be u can return it and see if they still have the nimbus in store in a couple months... at that time u have already paid off your computer and can think abt your financial position !
  6. I agree with the general feeling if your cool with a little debt then get/keep both if not return the bag the computers more important
  7. That is what credit is for! What is one more month in the big picture! If you love the bag make it work!
  8. I think its going back, gang. I hate the idea of paying a credit card company interest. Besides, I budgeted for the mirage not the nimbus and when you total up the cost of those two bags PLUS a new high-end iMac, you can see the cringe factor.
  9. mmmm...i really don't think the bag is necessary right now if your in dire need of a computer. i say keep the computer and return the'll probably end up getting another or same bag again later down the road.
  10. I think you should keep the bag and pay the debt in 3 months if you can. How limited is the nimbus?
  11. Just pay off your debt!!
  12. i totally agree
  13. I agree it's important to pay off your debt. If it's meant to be then it will all work out and you'll be able to get one later if you still really want it.

    I can't recall if they sell iMacs at Best Buy but if you have a Best Buy credit card, they often run promos with no interest for X months for purchases over ~$300. This is the only way the DH and I ever carry a balance. We used it for various TVs and surround sound over the years.

    Just a thought that might help you get the best of both worlds...

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend opening a new account just to do this though as too many CCs can harm your credit score.
  14. Hmmm... We are a bunch of LV addicts so would naturally tell you to get both computer and the Nimbus. But you need to have a little reality check yourself. With the credit card debt and interest rate... You might wanna consider a bit harder. I personally would pay off the debt ASAP before I consider purchasing anything other than "necessity". Obviously, necessity would depend on how you value computer and a bag.
  15. I personally would not put myself in debt. I'd hate having to pay credit card interest and I hope I never will have to ever do so.

    To me the computer is more important, and since I didn't love the Nimbuses when I saw them, I'd replace the computer and return the Nimbus. Isn't a computer cheaper than the Nimbus though...?