Nimbus GM

  1. Hello everyone,

    I would love to purchase this bag , but I just cannot decide on the color. It would be great if i could get your opinion on which one and why (Anthracite vs. Pearl Grey)

    I was also wondering how long do you guys think this bag will be around?

    TIA!! Have a great day!
  2. Anthracite
  3. Hmmm Anthracite vote too.
  4. I vote Anthracite too, and this is an LE (right?) so once they're gone you'll only be able to catch it on eBay.
  5. Anthracite too:tup:
  6. I vote for anthracite --- I have it and it is absolutely gorgeous! I preferred the darker color just because I was afraid of denim transfer on the perle gray.
  7. Definitely Anthracite, I think it will wear better, and also is easier to match !
  8. another anthracite vote!
  9. Perle! I own the Perle GM and LOVES it!

    My initial thought was to get the Anthracite but after I tried it on, the color just looks so drab against my complexion and wardrobe. (I'm light skinned and own a lot of dark color clothes). There hasn't been any sign of color transfer and I own dozen of dark inked jeans.
  10. I think anthracite is a great color but the perle is also stunning...sorry not much help:shrugs:. But nimbus is a beautiful bag!:yes:
  11. That's a tough one... :wondering
    But I think I would go for the Anthracite.
    Good luck on you choice
  12. Perle
  13. Perle! I have it in the PM and it goes with every thing. Look for one that has a nice marbeling effect and you'll be sooo glad you did!!!
  14. Perle, the color seems to work into a wadrobe better. The antracite didn't look as good with blues, but the perl goes with blues & blacks as well. I have both light color Nimbus GM's, ecru & perl, they are great bags & surprisingly tough. The distressed & glazed finish seems to keep marks from showing up on the bag & even though the ecru got a little rained on it dried w/o spots. Whichever you get, congrats!! it's a great bag :smile:
  15. Thanks guys, you are all so helpful. The feedback really does help and I greatly appreciate it!!!