Nimbus Ecru vs White Onatah GM... Long...

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  1. I've never ever had this dilemma before.
    Usually I'm pretty precise about what I would like to get and know what I want before I step into the boutiques, etc...
    There's no messing around. ;)

    I've been looking for a bag... Just one more before my big ban (watch for another post).

    Sooo... I've been busy, just a little, and my SAs at two different boutiques found some purses that I was interested in.
    One called to see if I was interested in the Montaigne Clutch in Ivoire (sorry, already bought it in black at Bloomies after "there was no more nearby, except in Palo Alto".:wlae:), so I inquired about the White Onatah GM and Cabas Raye GM.
    Called back to let me know both are not available, but the Nimbus in Ecru is!!!
    *Oh, charge my cc and hold that baby!* :yahoo:

    The other SA, I called because of the experience last week at Union Square, I decided to call my SA at LV Bloomies.
    We chit chat for a bit and then I got down to it and ask about both the White Onatah GM and Cabas Raye GM.
    She was pretty honest about the Cabas Raye GM that she showed MJ (aka kuuipo627, another tPFer) a few weeks ago and said that they couldn't sell it since a charm fell off, BUT she has the White Onatah GM.

    NOW--Here's my dilemma. Which one do I choose tomorrow morning?
    I haven't seen both since I asked to see the Olympe line last week, both boutiques didn't have them, and the White Onatah I just learned was in stock.
    I've been waiting for the Onatah since February...

    What to do, what to do?? :shrugs:

    What would you do? :sweatdrop:
  2. Can you get both? :graucho: If not then I'd choose the Nimbus! :yes:
  3. Nimbus!
  4. I would go with the white Onatah. I just don't personally care for the Nimbus, but I do love the Onatah.
  5. NIMBUS!!!!!!!!!!

    I have it..It rocks!
  6. guhh...... I'm biased toward the onatah usually... but the white leather+brown strap+cotton lining really doesn't interest me anymore... so I'd choose the nimbie écru (even though I personally don`t like it all that much either....... but it wins against the white onatah)
  7. i'd definitely get the nimbus but i personally think the beige looks better than the ecru ( i tried both on last weekend ) but i'd get it either way over the onatah white though. good luck and have fun getting your new bag!!
  8. nimbus!!!!
  9. I like the Nimbus a lot more than the Cuir Onatah.
  10. Tough choice.

    I have Onatah (in Aubergine) and I love love it, so if I were you I'll choose Onatah.

    I also love the fact that the strap is adjustable as well...
  11. nimbus, i saw the white onatah.... i think the colour is weird.
  12. Nimbus!!!
  13. Has to be Nimbus Ecru. I fell in love with this one after seeing photos on this forum which was posted by a member here after purchasing this one.
  14. Onatah!!!
  15. I vote for the nimbus:heart: