Niloticus Birkin

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  1. Does anyone know what is the current retail price for Niloticus Birkin 30cm?

    Another thing ... Nilo is less expensive than Poro and the latter is more popular. However, would you say whether one is "better" than the other? I don't know why but all the promos from resellers' newsletter made it look as though Porosus is "better" than Niloticus. I mean, is it? I always thought that something that's more rare is supposed to be 'better', but is there really such a hierarchy and caste system when it comes to crocs?

    Personally, I prefer niloticus on Birkin and porosus on Kelly; but that's really just a personal preference. I feel that Porosus looks more formal and I like that on a Kelly (but I like that on a JPG Birkin too), whereas I think I like nilo on Birkin and HAC. My SA from another location said she ordered a glazed Niloticus Kelly 28cm in my favorite color and that she's put my name next to it just in case I decide that I want it when it comes in. Unfortunately, I'm quite certain that I only want porosus for Kelly ...

    What are your thoughts? My depression is making me crave a croc ... :wtf:
  2. Kou, of course Porosus is better, I mean look where it comes from.

    he, he, he!
  3. You're awesome, GF!!! You know what, I KNOW I just have to order my first Porosus H bag from your store :nuts: Now if only they will take orders for Rose Indienne Porosus croc NOW! I want it in a shoulder Birkin!
  4. Kou

    I am not a big fan of croc leather.... because I find the glaze and scale patterns a bit too "obvious", although I love colors in my bags...strange!

    having said that, I find porosus to be much more appealing coz the scale patterns are smaller , more even and therefore less 'obvious'. As for the other crocs, there is typically a larger scale pattern down the middle of the bag, and I don't find that to my liking...
  5. Kou, porosus is more expensive because it is considered the "gold standard" among croc skins by most leather tanneries. It is coveted for its evenness of scale pattern and smoothness of its skin. But it all boils down to personal preference. I know some people are not fond of the smaller scales.
  6. How's this for personal preference. I have a phobia of snakes...this translates itself into a strong aversion to "exotics.":yucky: I like my bags from 'warm blooded animals.' Nice talk coming from a vegetarian...sorry Peta.:sad: Hey, I feel good that I have to spend a fortune on a bag. I name all my bags Bodhi....SERIOUSLY.
  7. :shocked:
  8. GF...

    I am therefore not a fan of Mr Lau (= Croc Birkins) :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Kou.... I thought that poro is BETTER than nilo too.. however, when hermes SA here in Paris complimented my Rouge H birkin.. i told him "but its nilo not poro" he was :confused1:.. he said there's no difference except the location and availability, however, quality wise, they're the same :confused1:..

    So when are you getting ur crocodile birkin/kelly.. cant wait!!! :graucho:
  10. Your Birkin is Nilo? But the scales look small!! I love your Birkin! I don't have any croc Birkins ordered, but I'm trying to. I'm starting to crave croc too ... I think I may just give up my ostrich Bolide and aim for the exotics only in Birkins and Kellys instead ... What do you think?
  11. Kou.. the Rouge H birkin i got from CDL is Nilo and its beautiful.. here's some photos when i first got her.. versus the jpg birkin in poro crocodile..

    With regards to the ostrich bolide.. if you want my honest opinion then pass the bolide and get a crocodile birkin... its so worth it.. nothing like a crocodile birkin, they're gorgeous, casual and classy with whatever u wear !!! u can always get ostrich bolide later and the crocodile birkin prices are going UP UP UP!

    If you need any help getting crocodile birkin, let me know.. ill do my best :yes:

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  12. I was curious about the porosus being "better" than niloticus and asked someone who grew up with Hermes and who has had a lot of experience with both skins.

    She told me that porosus is not "better" than niloticus in the sense of it's not better quality. Both porosus and niloticus are equal in quality skins as Hermes is very very picky ( about all their skins, not just croc )

    However, as we know, porosus, being from the younger crocodile, has smaller scales and to some people, this is a more desirable look on their Hermes pieces, be they wallets, bags, agendas....whatever.

    This lady also told me that she has seen niloticus pieces that had small scales and was very hard pressed to even tell the difference in these pieces and in porosus.

    As with most things Hermes, quality is the keyword in everything they produce. So, it comes down as always, to personal preference.

    And, yes, aren't there some gorgeous niloticus and porosus pieces on this board:yes:
  13. I know some skins are "better" than others, I have all three actualy, and I can not say that in the "wear" process one is better than another. I think it boils down to how you like the scales to look on the bag...I actually wanted all different skins, it is more interesting for me that way, I like them all equally.
  14. Same thing here :rolleyes:
  15. Kou, are you SURE you don't want to check out that fuchsia nilo Kelly? All crocs are different and it may have a scale pattern that you love!