Niloticus Birkin vs Niloticus HAC

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Hypothetical question ...

    Would you rather have a Niloticus HAC 28cm or a Niloticus Birkin 30cm? I don't think I've seen croc HAC much, is it because it's just not that popular??
  2. Maybe they don't make croc in HAC? Just a thought... I think it'll be rather ugly in HAC... Too big? Odd size? I don't know...

    Somebody should know it better than me.
  3. I love the HAC in size 28cm, it doesn't look tall at all; I can't do HAC 32cm ...

    Speaking of exotics, I'm craving exotic JPG right now ...
  4. I'd still go for the Birkin...I don't much prefer the HAC's proportions...and having to reach in deeper to dig out my stuff just doesn't do it for me :sad:
  5. I still wish I hadn't passed up on that cobalt blue ostrich HAC 28cm ... It was sitting there on the shelf looking so delicious and ready to be taken!!
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