Nile or Drew?

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Which one?

  1. Nile

    16 vote(s)
  2. Drew

    23 vote(s)
  1. I have just found out about chloe bag’s Nile
    Is this a new bag?
    Im Seeing more people wearing this bag recently
    What do you guys think of this bag?
    Anyone own this bag?
    If you had to choose between Nile or Drew
    Which would you choose
    Is it still a good idea to get Drew? Or it is already outdated?
    Or do you think Nile bag is just a hype?
    Which do you think is more iconic & classic

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  2. For me, I'd rather buy a Drew. The shape is the same, but personally I think Drew is more feminine and can be dressed up and down, while Nile is more casual with the leather strap. Yes it has a bracelet handle, but I don't think it'd be convenient having to always carry the bag that way. Maybe try to reassess your overall style and decide from there. If you're a more feminine girl, loves summer, and not very trendy, buy a Drew. If you're a casual, hip, has a bit of hobo-chic vibe in your style, loves autumn/winter outfit, then buy a Nile. Good luck!
  3. Personally I prefer the Nile - but this overview is 100% on point! My only thought is the Nile can be summery & feminine in the lighter colors - but the Drew has that more delicate feel/esthetic
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  4. The Nile.
  5. Love the drew!
  6. I prefer the Nile, but if your phone doesn’t fit (why can’t it fit the Apple plus size models????), I’d go with the Drew or change phones.
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  7. Vote for Drew! I bought a drew in black last year and it is one of my favs! The only disadvantage is that a wallet in normal size doesn't fit well inside.
  8. Nile! :biggrin: I have a small and a mini - both fit my iPhone 7plus. Yes they are small and can't fit much but I guess depends on if you like to carry much around - I personally don't and prefer smaller bags so both sizes are good to me :smile: They go with everything for me - casual look with jeans + tee or dressy look to attend a wedding in a maxi dress. Drew could as well though but I personally love Nile more :biggrin: I hope that helps!
  9. I vote for the Drew! Like what angelphilipus said, I use mine in both casual or dressier occasions. I brought it with me a couple time when I travel so that I don’t have to carry so many different types of bags.
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  10. I vote Pixie! :biggrin:

    Oh wait, that wasn't one of the options. Probably Nile then. I've always loved the shape and style of the Drew, but the open/close function of the bag would make me nuts, and it tends to get a bit misshapen over time because the leather is soft.
  11. I prefer the Nile. The leather strap is more comfortable for my shoulder.

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  12. I love the look of the nile bag! Super chic!
  13. I prefer the look of the Nile, more sleek!
  14. I think it depends on whether you want a more casual, day bag; or a dressier, more delicate bag. I tried on the Nile in person and absolutely loved it, but the only size that looked dressy to me was the minaudiere version, which was just too small for me. The small and mediums both looked great but more casual. The Drew, on the other hand, looks very dressy in both the mini & small sizes, and can fit more than the mini Nile. Since I was looking for something to wear for events and parties, I chose the Drew. If you're looking for a more casual bag, I'd go with the Nile!
  15. I've debated this very question a couple months ago!! Decided on a Drew because of its versatility to go day to night, and i do think it's a dressier option. I love the bracelet look of the Nile but if I bought a Nile, it would be a small size (can't fit all my essentials in a mini) and it takes away from the look I would be going for.....
    One downside of the Drew (i got a small which fits sooo much and looks gorg) is that the chain cuts a bit into your shoulder if you load it up and wear it all day... but tbh it's not that bad and i love the chain strap vs the leather (more casual) strap for the Nile.
    Cant wait to see what you decide on!!!
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