1. Which one do you prefer?
  2. 1st one:biggrin:
  3. Definitely Nil! It's extremely cute and looked rather sexy on a girl I saw it on, worn off the shoulder.

    The Reporter looks pretty bland compared to it.
  4. I have always loved the reporter- the Nil is nice but I don't like the monogram strap.
  5. If you're female - the first one. If you're male - the second one!
  6. I'm so for The Reporter!
  7. the 2nd one, something about this bag and saumur that's got into me :P
  8. the Reporter for me too. but if you're a guy, get the GM size. the PM you have pictured suits females better.
  9. The reporter....I have a male friend who uses that particular size reporter but I agree the GM would look better for a guy.
  10. i have both and i much prefer the reporter pm. coz with the nil, the bag doesn't seem to sit right on the strap, it is like always leaning forward coz the thin strap is holding on the bigger pouch. and over time, the vachetta leather which holds the strap will be like wrinkled. and i had to change the linning of the inner pocket of the NIL coz it started to peel. with the reporter, i can just clean the compartments with a damp cloth if it's dirty and the strap is comfortable.
  11. Thank you, I value everyone's help!
  12. The second one if u r a guy. But I think you should consider other options. Both styles are quite "classic" / "dated".
  13. I have the small Reporter and I love it! Thick canvas straps, roomy, lightweight... looks awesome worn across the body! Or you can shorten the strap to wear over the shoulder. GREAT if you're a mom like me!
  14. definitely reporter! the nil looks strange with that smaller bag in front...
  15. Go with REPORTER!!!!:tup:

    I choose the Nil before, than when I look both bag in the store, the Nil doesn't look as good as inthe picture......its too bulky....
    In the contrary....I fall in love the first time I saw Reporter.....:heart: