Nil on a man?

  1. Hey fellow LV-lovers!

    What do you guys think of a Nil worn by a man?
    I kind of affected my boyfriend with my purse obsession (esp. LV) and I recently have been using my Nil again (the handles on my speedy are getting really dark now..) and my boyfriend absolutely loves it (he thinks it's very practical, which it ofcourse is). While it is common here in europe for men to wear 'purses', i'm not sure a guy can pull of a mono. What do you think??

  2. Hi, I totally think its good for a guy, Infact I would say this is a manbag...that maybe women use too. Its very practical for everyday use :smile:
  3. i think the Nil is originally designed for men. if he loves it and he has absolutely no issues with it, then what's your worry? maybe you've got to address your own issues and presumptions about what men can and cannot wear. jmho :smile:
  4. I personaly don't like it but it would look okay on a guy and the monogram canvas is unisex...oh and I wouldn't consider it a purse but a messenger bag or a reporter a purse to me is more like a speedy or a hand held...
  5. the Nil was designed for men originally ;)
  6. While it's not my favorite men's mono shoulder bag (that honor goes to the reporter thanks to it's thicker shoulder strap), it's perfectly unisex and I think he should should have no problem wearing it, especially in Europe.
  7. can anyone post a pic of it? ia m new to sorry..:p;)
  8. The Nil itself is a totally unisex style, but like you I'm not so sure that all guys can carry off wearing mono. I can imagine my DH wearing damier, but I'm pretty sure he'd refuse to wear mono on the grounds that it's "too girly." Now the Nil in damier ... that would be a great bag for a guy. :tup:
  9. I think so. I've seen men here and there with a mono bag and I always think, "good for you!"
  10. thanks for the replys!
    i don't have issues on men wearing purses, in fact i love it (so i don't have to carry too much ;) it's just that i've always thought that the mono is too feminin, but you're right, i've seen lots of men wearing it, and it looks great :smile: