nikkunoniku's collection

Jun 17, 2007
got my first piece in June '07 -- all LV except for Etro duffle at the top

-Etro Ostrich Duffle

-LV Black Tobago Carryall

-LV Yellow Tobago Carryall

-LV Damier Lune Cabas

-LV Damier Azur Keepall 50 (monogram tag in royal)

-LV Damier Sac Plat (tag purchased separately, monogram in gold)

-LV MC White Vendredi Agenda

-LV MC Black Agenda GM

-LV MC White Agenda GM

-LV MC White Wapity

-LV MC White Widescreen iPod Case

-LV MC White Mirror (mirror taken out to use case for business cards)

-LV MC White Koala Bracelet (M)

-LV MC White Dragonne Strap

-LV Damier Azur Small Agenda