nikkunoniku's collection

  1. got my first piece in June '07 -- all LV except for Etro duffle at the top



    -Etro Ostrich Duffle

    -LV Black Tobago Carryall

    -LV Yellow Tobago Carryall

    -LV Damier Lune Cabas

    -LV Damier Azur Keepall 50 (monogram tag in royal)

    -LV Damier Sac Plat (tag purchased separately, monogram in gold)

    -LV MC White Vendredi Agenda

    -LV MC Black Agenda GM

    -LV MC White Agenda GM

    -LV MC White Wapity

    -LV MC White Widescreen iPod Case

    -LV MC White Mirror (mirror taken out to use case for business cards)

    -LV MC White Koala Bracelet (M)

    -LV MC White Dragonne Strap

    -LV Damier Azur Small Agenda
  2. Oooooohh sooo pretty. I :heart::heart::heart: the yellow tobago carryall
  3. You know I LOVE your collection!

    The Tobago's and MC accessories are my FAVORITE!

    Looks great!
  4. You have a really nice collection.. I LOVE your Damier Sac Plat and the Multicolore Agendas.. :smile:

    ROCK 'EM! :smile:
  5. That collection is awesome, well curated, and classic.
    I want to grow my own soon!
  6. nice collection
  7. Wow, great collection!
  8. Awesome collection! The Damier Lune is NICE!
  9. awsome collection. i love the black tobago carryall the best!
  10. I love the new Damier Lune, a great collection!
  11. Wowww...stunning collection! LOVE the Azur Keepall and the MC acessories!
  12. Stunning, I especially like the agendas ! :graucho:
  13. Love your collection-- awe struck!
  14. Great collection- love the subtle bag/ MC accessories combo!

  15. thanks! i love murakami and the MC line, but as a dude i wanted to be careful about how i carried it. i figured this was a good strategy. haha