Nikkis are getting hard to find!

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  1. Especially with old-style hardware. It seems like the Nikki only came out in a few colors this season. Maybe RM didn't want it to compete with the Plan B.
    It almost makes me want to pay full price for one!
  2. I love the Nikkis with the old hardware...
  3. which color in particular are you looking for?
  4. A brown. I'm kind of agonizing over the Blue Heaven one...if somone else wants to snag it please go ahead.
    I really want the stonewash Choco on RM's site, but I really don't want to pay $600. If I'm patient I'm sure one will turn up on eBay. An espresso Nikki just went on eBay for $580 though-- that's practically retail!
  5. ^^i've seen some browns somewhere... i'll definitely search and keep a lookout for you!
  6. Thanks Desi you're a sweetie!:heart: I think Blue Heaven is the best deal, but I'm not sure about the Almond.
  7. Aww thanks!

    in brown i personally like the glazed expresso better than almond!
  8. There's a 20% off code posted in the discounts thread for Blue Heaven - jess20
  9. I prefer the Glazed Espresso to the Glazed Almond, but that's just me. Also - Jenny - keep your eye on the 'bay - there's a *beautiful* Chocolate Nikki on there now. It has 1 bid for $199.
  10. Thanks everybody for your help. If any body wants a yellow Nikki, Ravinstyle has one-- I posted a code in the codes sticky.
  11. ahhh a yellow nikki for 20% off? I'm totally jumping on that!! Thank you so much!!
  12. It's instyle08
  13. Jenny- has a chocolate Nikki..

    I was having a hard time putting it in my cart. i found codes on grechen's site. Maybe you can get it to try and work?

    50% off - MUSTGO
    20% off - grechen
    20% off - toutie
    20% - jessicastyle
    20% off - style20
  14. ^summerblu went out of business
  15. Check the dimensions of the one on ebay, I believe that's a mini nikki.