Nikki vs MAB


Nov 12, 2007
I love the new peacock color for fall, but I can't seem to decide which style it would look best in. Can you girls help me gind out which style this color would look the best in? Thanks!

Oh I do have 3 MABs and 2 nikkis but no MAMs


Jun 1, 2008
Hmm, that's a tough one. My favorite style is the Morning After Mini....

Considering you don't have an MAM, if it were me I would get one of the kind I don't have. If I was going to get a peacock one though, I think I would pick a nikki, because I can just see the nikki's wide surface being a perfect compliment to such a nice color...


Dec 19, 2007
The peacock is coming out in November, so you have plenty of time to decide on this. Plus there is the MAB luxe, and other new styles coming out, and when you see the new style, you may not even want either one of these three.


Dogs Rule
Nov 24, 2008
I'm an RM virgin, but after much research, I decided to get an RM MAM because I am but 5'2" and the regular Nikki and MAM would look huge on me. I just got my mini and I'm in love, it's the perfect size! My next bag will be a mini Nikki :smile:
Aug 31, 2008
Depends on what you're looking for.

My two favorite RM bags are my black MAM and my seafoam mini Nikki. If I could only have one, I'd choose the black MAM (i.e. the perfect black bag). It has a very classic, ladylike shape that dresses up or down easily. It's not what I would consider a "fancy" bag, so I wouldn't wear it with evening clothes, for example, but it looks refined with a wrap dress and heels. However, because it slouches, it just as easily looks casual with jeans. The mini Nikki has a much more casual shape, so it's less versatile IMO. What I like the mini Nikki for is a fun pop of color. It's not as "serious."

Both are a good size and comfortably hold everything that I need on a day-to-day basis (and I carry a fair bit).


May 19, 2006
I am 5'2". I love the Nikki coz it is great as a casual bag with jeans or shorts or mini skirts on weekends. I can also carry it as a work bag & it looks great IMO. MAB is a great size but as the base is huge, it is better to have this bag in a slouchy leather to minimize the visual hugeness IMO. MAM is a cutie size & fits everything I lug but it is a little too small for a big bag person like me. Also I find the MAs less casual & I've only carried them to work when I am not too casually dressed. BUT I love them all the same. I was a huge Nikki fan & now love my MAs.


~ Michelle ~
May 29, 2008
The Nikki being too big on smaller frames is a myth. . .It looks great on everyone! Once it breaks in and slouches, it's a perfect size, IMO. I'm 5'0" and I don't think it looks too big on me at all. It is quite roomy inside though. I think a MAM would be a first great RM and then the Nikki. Whatever you decide to get, buy from somewhere with a good return policy so you can try out the size and make an informed decision.


Sep 14, 2006
I started out with a MAM and now I can't stop! It's the perfect bag if you aren't carrying around a TON (and I mean a LOT since I carry a good amount in there) of stuff. I love that it rides that line between semi-dressed-up and casual, it always looks great with any outfit I'd wear on a daily basis.