Nikki v. Bal Twiggy

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  1. I just got both my dark brown Nikki and my Rouge Theatre Twiggy Bbag today.

    I LOVED the Nikki immediately, and have taken everything out of my tangy mama (which I do like but not the way I like the nikki).

    I am conflicted about the Bbags. The color is lovely, and the leather feels wonderful, but the price is high! I could get two nikkis for one Bbag, at least!

    My question is: Does the wine nikki feel like the dark brown nikki? I love the leather on the DB Nikki! And do you think the wine color of a RM bag is similar to the RT of a Bbag? they seem to be based on colors I saw online, but cameras and flashes are often deceiving!

    I guess when I realized I could put in a pool for the cost of of the Bbags I have bought over the past week I wondered maybe I should just grab a wine nikki since I know I am in love with the leather and the shape is just perfect! I do love the Twiggy's shape, color and leather, but trying to be smart here!

    Thank you for listening to me ramble... :shame:
  2. Okay.. please don't shot me Bbag fans!

    Bbags are beautiful.. but way overpriced in my opinion.

    I like the thicker, plush leather on RM bags better anyway.

    I also get bored easily so it is not practical for me to spend $1600 on a Bbag when I can buy nearly 3 RMs for that.

    Another pro to RM - you don't have to worry about fakes - if you are ebay shopping.

    Get another Nikki. You won't regret it!
  3. see, this is where I am at! I also get bored easily. I will keep at least one of the 4 Bbags I have coming or already rec'd, but trying to decide if the Wine RM color is the same as the RT. if so, maybe I will sell the RT. but it is pretty :crybaby:
  4. I'm not even going to say anything (I know there are a TON of Bal fans here) except for, oh, nevermind. :s

    I think you already made up your mind. You love the Nikki. Get another
  5. Okay, so this is coming from a recovering Bbag addict and I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but...

    If I were you, I'd trade in the RT Twiggy for a Wine Nikki. While RT is a gorgeous color (I don't think it's actually the same color as Wine, though), I'm not a huge fan of the Twiggy. I also have a Wine Nikki and it is an AWESOME bag. The leather is fantastic and it feels so thick and sturdy. While I love Balenciaga, I tend to worry too much about my Bbags because they feel more delicate than RM's. I love that RM bags have beautiful colors like Bbags, but feel more wearable to me in the sense that I'm not always worrying about anything happening to them.

    When I first became addicted to Bal, I couldn't stop buying bags. However, within the past couple of months, my obsession has died down, and while I still love the Bbags that I do own, I find myself loving RM more and more. And, it sure is nice to know that I can buy double the amount of RM's for the price of one Bbag!

  6. oops, I forgot - I don't know how the wine compares to the dark brown that is out now, but it is a gorgeous color that does not disappoint.
  7. Aaaah! The RT Twiggy is my HG bag. :sad: I love my RM, but the leather is heavy, and the Bbags appeal to me for the lightweight leather. I won't be able to afford it for quite some time, but I think I can justify owning one.

    If you get bored easily, maybe find a Bbag that fits the profile of a bag that will be a classic for you, that will always be useful. And then fill in everything else with RM. :biggrin:

    From what I can tell of my online research, the RT is brighter and more of a true red than the wine, which has some darker undertones.

    Just my opinion, but I hope it helps. :smile:
  8. Thank you for all of your opinions so far! I am afraid of the same thing, that I will mess up the bags! I'm definitely going to keep my vert gazon city (would only be returnable for store credit) and I adore green in any form.

    I actually like the twiggy shape! decisions, decisions...

    thank you, ladies! (and any gents that might be out there) :woohoo:
  9. I haven't seen DB or Wine IRL, but from pics and descriptions, DB is a little softer and more squishy than Wine, at least at first. Wine seems smoother without the texture of DB and with more of a glaze. I personally prefer the softer, textured squishy leathers to the more structured ones.
    I am dying for a DB MAM or MAB, but I just can't do it right now....
  10. I have a rouge theatre day and a wine matinee. Rouge Theatre is a bit brighter, wine leans towards the burgundy side of red. Rouge theatre is the best red in the world, and I love it in the twiggy. Personally, I would keep the twiggy - bags don't get any prettier than that. As for bbag leather - its far from delicate. All my bags have taken a beating, and they just tend to get more beautiful with wear.
  11. Meg- here is a pretty accurate pic of the wine.... I :heart: wine and the leather is thick, smooth, and versatile similar to the dark brown probably is. You'll definitely love it, but the rouge is also one of the best reds EVER like circoit has mentioned :yes:

  12. Thanks for all the great feedback! I've decided to hang onto the RT twiggy for now, since it's really starting to grow on me!

    I'm still debating about getting a wine nikki, but I know at the very least I will own another nikki in the future. My DB Nikki is like getting a hug all day. I am in :heart:. Of all the handbags I have rec'd so far, it's the only one that makes me giggle when I hug it. Followed second by Marc Jacobs Grape Juice Dr. Q Groovee. The Twiggy is definitely working its way up there, though! I also got a Prada that I am in love with.. ok who am I kidding... I'm loving them all!

    this place is trouble! :rolleyes:
  13. ^^May I suggest getting both? They are very different bags with a very different feel to them, so having similar colors is justifiable. Even if you don't have the money right now, I think there are enough wine nikkis floating around now that you should be able to find one on ebay in the near future.
  14. That very well may be what I do! :graucho:
  15. ITA. The wine nikki leather (at least the newer batches) is thicker, stiffer, and darker than RT. RT is a berry red, not wine. It is also so much lighter in weight.

    I have a RT city and a wine nikki. Love them both dearly. I'll try to post comparison pics tomorrow.