Nikki side straps..

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  1. Not trying to nit pick or anything and I don't think this is a fault but does anyone else wish that the side straps on the Nikki were shortened just a bit so there wasn't so much extra slack? I notice on most of my Nikkis the straps are a bit too long so that the clip dangles at the bottom of the square ring. IMO the strap should be shorter so that the clip just barely attaches, giving off the look that the side straps are what is holding the bag together.

    Does this make sense?? Am I crazy? I'm not trying to be too picky but this has always bothered me a bit.... The style is almost perfect in my eyes...
  2. I agree with you. . . they could be a tad bit tighter!
  3. 100% agree. When I noticed this, I kind of couldn't stop noticing it and had to give away my nikkis because it irked me so much. I didn't know whether it was a design or manufacturing fault, so it's interesting to know it's the former.
  4. 100% agree! It bothers me too. It looks sloppy.
  5. I don't like it to the point that I've thought about taking my Nikkis in to a cobbler to have the straps re-cut so it looks better. It's things like this that I wish RM had someone advising them of..

    Only the customers know the ins & outs of the bags the best, IMO.
  6. I totally agree!

    LR, if you decide to take your Nikki's to a cobbler...please post before & after shots!
  7. Sorry, call me Slow Sally today but I have no idea what you mean? :shame: Is it like that on the Mini too?
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    ^ yeah, the mini is like that too. and yes LR, you are not the only one who has noticed it and been a bit miffed by it.

    ETA: i don't think the mini does it as much as the full size nikki. also, if you slouch the bag just right, it is less noticeable IMO
  9. KNAS- See how the strap is so long that the clip hangs low and rattles against the square ring? If I pull the strap straight the clip touches the bottom of the ring. It should be cut so that the clip just has enough slack to clip the around the square and that's it. It's too long.

  10. D'oh!!! Yes!! I know what you mean now and the MN's are like that too.... the jingle-jangle as I like to call it. Yeah I agree they could be shorter but I've gotten used to it until I don't carry a MN for while.
  11. Ha! "jingle jangle.." funny!
  12. ^^^ha,ha! Yes, it bugs me too!
  13. Sometimes I like it. I really like the little tiny cling clang of the finished tassels.
  14. ^ I don't care so much about the noise, it's more so the fact that it looks awkward. And, leather only stretches over time so at some point the straps are just too long.

    At least they are the same on each side. I have one Nikki that has a good sized strap on one side and an extra long strap on the other. That is probably what bugs me the most. I measured the straps and one is about a full inch longer than the other. I guess it's the whole "hand made/ every piece is different" thing.
  15. ^^Lol. I'm sure that will be the reasoning given. I don't think my staps are different lengths but that would really bug me!