Nikki: School Bag?


Jul 23, 2008
I'm currently in the market for a bag I can carry to school. I've searched high and low, but at this point I feel like only way for me to really get the one I want is to spend more than I intended. My question is: would you ever consider using the Nikki as a school bag? My only concern is that carrying 3-ring binders (on a daily basis I may carry up to 3 1"-1 1/2" binders), textbooks, and other miscellaneous supplies in it will stretch out the beautiful leather. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

I should add that in addition to using it as a school bag, I would like this to be my "out-of-school" bag as well.
Feb 5, 2008
I don't think it's a good idea :nogood:
I've been using my Wine Nikki for school but I do not carry binders or heavy books in it. The bag is meant to "slouch" so if you put a binder or a large book inside, it takes away its shape and also, because the bag is held onto the hardware using 2 smal thin leather straps, it might not be a good idea.
Mar 24, 2008
Long Island, NY
I wouldn't do it either. The handle would probably stretch out. I just don't picture the bag lasting very long if you use it to lug all your school stuff around on a regular basis.


Sep 1, 2006
I agree. It wouldn't hold its shape or its quality.

It's also not THAT big... meaning the sides would be stretched to the max.

I can only imagine how scratched or even ripped the lining and leather would get if you were taking a 3-ring binder in and out of it several times each day.



Jul 3, 2007
Atlanta, GA
You should probably look into one of the messenger style bags, like the duo, ruse, or even the steady or beau. My fav is the ruse. :smile:


Dec 12, 2007
Nashville, TN
I don't think it's a good idea either - school bags take such a beating! I've always taken really good care of everything I had, but remembering what I put my school bags through, even in college, I couldn't spend that kind of money for a book bag.


best of both worlds
Aug 28, 2007
Ok so here is my thought. I actually haven't been on PF in forever but I have been using my RMs since med school started in August. I use my two nikkis as my school bags. I put my laptop in there a waterbottle and cell phone, pda, wallet, large pencil case, and a notebook. It is heavy and not super ideal, but I just love my nikkis and would never get to use them if I didn't use them as school bags. With that said I am a little worried about them getting stretched out from the sheer weight of the stuff inside, but I personally just love using my nikki and the bag actually does distribute the weight very well on your shoulder in my opinion. I do certainly try not to put anything with sharp corners inside. As for a text book, I dunno about that. I put my macbook in there and that is probably the heaviest item. It also depends on the leather. I have a magenta nikki and a cloud grey one. The cloud grey one is already pretty slouchy leather so I don't like to overstuff it. The magenta leather is fairly thick and stiff though, so I think it can take the weight pretty well. Either way, they both get used because I absolutely love them and what is a purse for if not to carry your things, and those are the things I need to carry. Just my opinion. Good luck finding something suitable that you'll love.


Apr 22, 2007
Orange County, CA.
I don't think a Nikki is big enough to work well for a school bag. I use a Anna Corrina Jet Setter Jr. which is plenty big and works great as a school bag. I also got it in the color stone which is a grey with brown tones so if it gets slightly beat up it looks ok. It adds to the worn in look of it I think.


Dec 30, 2007
I'd use it as a schoolbag in a heartbeat, BUT only if not carrying a whole lot and only if the leather wasn't especially delicate (i.e., I might not do it with the lighter lambskin). I do think *three* 3-ring binders plus textbooks plus notebooks would be a bit much. Maybe you could use it only on days when you had a lighter load? I would imagine a Nikki could definitely accomodate a small laptop, one medium textbook and a couple of light notebooks. It would be so handy (stuff a hoodie in their for air-conditioned classrooms) as well as gorgeous, for a lighter load.