Nikki Reed's leather handbag? I've been looking for months! Help!

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  1. I've seen Nikki Reed in a few pictures carrying this oversized, crossbody, leather handbag...I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

    I have no idea where it's from, though! I started to think it was a Moni Moni Splendor bag, but I don't think it looks like it so much anymore.

    I'll post the pictures that I've seen her carrying it in. If any of you know what bag this is, or know of anywhere I could get one just like it, that would be wonderful.

    I really can't afford to buy a designer handbag. Haha! So, I'd really prefer if there was a lookalike bag somewhere. But, I really wanna know who made the bag and where she got it.

    Any information will help! I've been looking for this bag for MONTHS! Thanks so much!:smile:
  2. the lead for twilight. that girls hot! she's got such a rocker edgy look lol! i think her names kirsten something.

    sorry, im not sure abt the bag though. maybe someone else can help u here :smile:
  3. yes, the girl in the flannel in the second pic is Kristen Stewart. I'm obsessed with Twilight. hahaha. I've just seen Nikki Reed a lot of different times with this handbag and I really want it. :smile:
  4. ^^ The pictures go to two different handbags -- are you looking for the first or the second?

  5. Haha, yeah I just noticed that. I thought it was the same bag and it just looked different up close. But, in this case, I want to know about the first picture's bag. If you know about it, great.:smile:
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    Realize that you are more interested in the first pic, but the second pic bag is for sure a Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Bag (it is a black that tends to look purple or grey with flash). It comes with a long removable shoulder strap so it actually might be the same bag in both pics- can't make it out enough to be sure. Great bag- especially to travel with...wears like iron!
  7. Also, I agree with carousel eyes that you'll likely not find it in stock anywhere (love the other suggestions, by the way- especially the Sabina at UO) and the bag is pricey- I got mine for a deal on the's a link to one in green so you can see more pics...NOT my auction: