Nikki in Lucky???

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  1. Isnt this a Nikki (mini) in May's Lucky pg. 89? There is no credit for the bag so I can't 100% confirm but it REALLY looks like one. I scanned a pic but I'm not really good at posting pics.

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  2. I saw it too. I did not know there was a violet mini nikki.
  3. it does look like the Nikki!
  4. Looks like it to me. I'd love a Mini Nikki in Violet! :girlsigh:
  5. Looks like it to me :tup:!!
  6. Violet? Perhaps it's the glare from the lighting. Looks like Night to me.
  7. its got the new hardware so i am thinking its the night.
  8. hmmm... RM hasn't made any mini Nikki's this season with the new hardware?!

    Is this a surprise to come? Or just a regular nikki?
  9. Oops! Maybe it is Night. It looked a little like the violet at first glance. Maybe I've been staring at the computer screen too long! :wacko:
  10. I keep hearing rumors of mini nikkis to come...
  11. I swear it looks purple in the magazine. Maybe that bag is going to be available soon? :smile:
  12. I saw that too. Looks like a purple mini with new hardware.
  13. here's a picture i took with my digital camera that may show the color better

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  14. It looks like a mini unless that model is a giantess!
  15. Yep I saw that today it is a violet mini Nikki